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Ten things to do before you have sex

Ten things to do before you have sex
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  • Make sure that you are really ready for sex.
  • Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • it is important to talk to your partner before sex.

Sex is closely associated love bond by some of the people while for others sex and love are two different things. In both the cases it is important that you feel good about what you are doing and be safe. Here are ten things to do before you have sex.


Ten things to do before you have sex



  • Ensure that you are really ready for sex.  Go for it only when you are sure and ready for it.
  • Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) – You must ensure that you and your partner don’t have any STDs.  Safety must be the prime concern but is often skipped before having sex.
  • If you are not planning to get pregnant then ensure that you have protected sex. Condoms should be part of your healthy sexual relationship.
  • Before you have sex it is important to talk to your partner about the birth control measures and STD prevention that both of you are going to take.
  • Having an orgasm before sex is very important. It makes your sexual relation a real fun and also prevents pain during sexual intercourse.
  • Before having sex with you partner you must define your relationship. Some people like to have sex without a committed relationship while the other looks for commitment before losing their virginity.
  • It is important for both the partners to get tested for STDs.  People are mostly afraid of getting tested but it is important, especially before having sex.
  • You must value your virginity. Sex in a committed relationships gives you more satisfaction then losing virginity to unknown.
  • You must not interrogate about past of your significant other. Asking questions about his/her previous dating experience and sexual life must be avoided.
  • Besides being safe from STDs and unwanted pregnancy it is also important to stay away from emotional risks. Ensure that you don’t regret about what you have done.



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Written by
Bushra Kafeel
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamJan 27, 2017

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