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Tell-tale signs that you have started hating the person you love

Tell-tale signs that you have started hating the person you love
Quick Bites
  • Love can often turn into hate without us knowing.
  • A clear sign of hating someone is when you like to talk less.
  • Hating a person whom you loved can certainly be difficult.
  • Ignoring the person is a clear sign of hatred.

Love can often wear out, and that is the saddest part of being in a relationship. Hating someone you once loved can be terribly saddening, and if you hate someone whom you once loved then there are some tell-tale signs you need to recognise. There is little you can actually do to reconcile and make things better in this regard, because you are obviously done with that person. The best way to act during such a time is to gracefully acknowledge your heart’s desire, and move on from this relationship, as things can go from bad to worse. For this you will first have to recognise signs of hate, try to pin point the cause of your hatred, and then learn to acknowledge your feelings. If you hate someone whom you loved once, then figure out the signs from here below.




You will talk less

One of the most important signs that you hate someone, whom you once loved, is that you will find yourself talking less. You will notice that you increasingly distancing yourself from this person, and for no apparent reason. The moment you realise that you would rather keep shut than talk to this person, you should come to understand that something is wrong here. Talking less and keeping to yourself is of course a very definite sign of a change of heart in you.


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More irritable

There is a chance that you will be feeling irritable when you are around this person. One of the prime signs you hate someone is irritability. It is as if nothing about his person is likeable anymore, and you do not really care to pay your attention to this person. Hating someone can happen at the drop of a hat, it is only through these signs that you will come to realise it for sure.


You will avoid

Now this is as clear as it can get. One of the clear signs of hate when you hate the person whom you used to love is that you will begin to avoid him or her. The person in question obviously does not make you happy anymore, and so you will do all you can to avoid or ignore him or her. Do you make excuses when it comes to meeting this person? You might be having feelings of hate!


You will not miss his or her presence

In love we are often so very disheartened when we keep away from our better half. But, if you hate someone, then be prepared to not miss him or her at all. Yes, if you find yourself happy and satisfied without this person’s presence then well, you certainly do not like that person anymore. This also means that you are happier when you are away from him or her.


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You are contradicting

If you are contradicting everything this person does or say then well, it is a very strong hatefulness that is working within you. A sign that you hate someone is when you are constantly challenging the other person in whatever he or she says or does. This can happen pretty often, and chances are that the person will be startled by your behaviour.



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Written by
Arka Roy Chowdhury
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamSep 16, 2016

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