Techniques to Avoid Backache during Pregnancy

Updated at: Jul 11, 2012
Techniques to Avoid Backache during Pregnancy

Backache is a common trouble during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. Here are some quick tips to alleviate back pain,  and these significantly ease your discomfort during pregnancy.

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PregnancyWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Jun 21, 2012

Techniques to Avoid Backache

To avoid back pain during pregnancy and at the time of delivery, you can take precautions even before conceiving. Stay healthy and fit. If you have conceived, you can still prevent backache by working on your fitness. Have a look at the tips given below to avoid backache during pregnancy.

Avoid lifting heavy weights — It would be better if you ask someone in your house to lift heavy weights. Lifting heavy things puts strain on your back leaving you with back pain. In case you must lift something heavy, use the strength of your arms and legs rather than your back. When carrying the weight, hold it in a way that the impact gets divided into both the hands, instead of holding “single handedly”.

Stand tall—pay attention to the posture you are standing in. Keep your back straight, neck upright and stand tall. If you bend towards your front, you are straining your back. Thus, adopt a good standing posture.

Avoid standing for long— In addition to following the above tip, do not stand for very long. If the nature of your job requires you to stand for long, use a lower stool to keep a foot on it. This will relieve your lower back from some pressure. Place a skid proof rug under your foot to cut down the pressure.

Take massages and warm water baths— Pregnancy is the best time to pamper yourself. Go for body massages and warm water bath as this helps to relax the muscles of your back. Getting a back massage will soothe your tired muscles and relieve backache. Ask your midwife or someone experienced in handling pregnancy, like your mother, to massage your lower back and sides of your spine. For further help, you may contact a massage therapist or a physiotherapist.

Know how to sit— A wrong sitting pressure can exert additional pressure on the back. While sitting, spine is the most stressed body part. Ensure that you use good support behind your back while sitting on a chair.  Chair should have straight back and arm rests. Use a firm cushion.  The seat of the chair must be wide enough to support your thighs.

Avoid high heels in pregnancy — High heels exert extra pressure on your lower back and can cause acute back pain during pregnancy. Choose low heel shoes which are cushioned and offer good support while standing or walking. High heels make it harder for you to balance your body and may lead to severe complications, such as miscarriage.

Exercises— Pelvic floor and tummy exercises during pregnancy can help you avoid backache during pregnancy. You can also engage in prenatal yoga as some asanas work to make your spine stronger. However, make sure that you are performing exercises and yoga under a trained prenatal yoga instructor.

Along with aforementioned tips, follow a diet which will strengthen your muscles and bones. Your diet must be inclusive of milk and its products, such as paneer, curd etc. Eat more bananas to get a good amount of calcium.


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