Teach your Baby to Sit Up

Updated at: Oct 11, 2011
Teach your Baby to Sit Up

Newborn Care - You can make your baby sit up by following some easy to follow tips given here. You need to strengthen your baby’s back and neck muscles and get him used to the sitting position.

Vatsal Anand
Newborn CareWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Oct 11, 2011

You may have already tried to prop up your baby but it is generally after four to five months before a readiness for sitting up on his own is witnessed. You can help your baby sit up by teaching him the way of doing so and also strengthen the neck and back of muscles. With such a practice, you should be able to make your baby sit by the time he is eight or nine months old.


How to go about teaching your baby to sit up

  • Make your baby sit up for short intervals of time with support. Do this many times in the day so that the baby gets used to sitting in this position. Now, start to let him be in this position without help.
  • Placing your baby on his tummy over a blanket on the floor, also called tummy time, makes the infant build his back and neck muscles. As he uses more of these muscles to play around with the objects in front of him, his neck keeps getting stronger.
  • Use an exercise ball of medium size to make your baby exercise. Make him rest on the ball, and now shift it two inches forward, and to each side. As the baby grapples to hold his position on the ball, all the muscles that help him sit up get strengthened. This is a very good way to develop all muscles of the baby.
  • Place a pillow or similar type of support at the back of the baby to support him while sitting up. Doing it several times a day would make the baby feel as though he is able to sit on his own while develop his muscles at the same time. There would come a time when he would not need the extra support to hold his position intact.
  • Toys can give the ultimate motivation for your baby to sit up. It would increase his willingness to sit without support for much longer. Moreover, whenever you find your baby showing interest in playing, prop him up with pillows and his favourite toys. As he finds the sitting position more enjoyable for playing with the toys, he would be more inclined to sit more and more. Playing with toys is a fun way for the baby to learn to sit up and he would certainly not be troubled by the exertion.


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