Symptoms of Primary Bone Cancer

Updated at: Jan 04, 2012
Symptoms of Primary Bone Cancer

Symptoms of Primary Bone Cancer - Pain, fractures and harmful nervous sensations such as numbness are some of the symptoms of a primary bone cancer. Some other primary bone cancer symptoms includes fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats, weight l

Arshad Said Khan
CancerWritten by: Arshad Said KhanPublished at: Oct 11, 2011

Primary Bone Cancer albeit rare is a reality. Most often the patient is not diagnosed until the malignant growth has spread dangerously. Watch out for the early signs in order to begin treatment as early as possible.



It is a well known medical fact that cancer creeps up on the patient silently and pain is the first alarming sign. Sensitivity in a particular bone area must not be ignored either. Hurt from mild injuries and muscle pulls may cause discomfort in the concerned bones for a while but prolonged pain especially in a state of inactivity must be investigated.



If there is a tumour growing near or on the joints then the movement will be greatly affected. Joint pains could be regarded as a possible symptom of primary bone cancer.
Pressure Symptoms: When tumours start to grow in size they cause various kinds of pressure symptoms. For examples many tumours may stick out of joints. If an organ is near the tumour site then it will be pressed down and irreparable damage may be caused to it.



Tingling sensations, numbness and even inflammation may be caused when cancerous tumours affect the nerves of the patient. This happens in the case of tumours close to the surface of the skin.



Even minor trauma may lead to a fracture if one is suffering from primary bone cancer. This is due to the weakening of the bones because of malignant activity.


Other Symptoms

Unexplained fatigue, loss of appetite, night sweats, weight loss and fever are some of the usual symptoms of most kinds of cancer including bones. However, a patient may appear perfectly healthy and still be developing primary bone cancer.


Causes Particular to Various Kinds of Primary Bone Cancers



Usually young people with growing bodies are affected by Osteosarcoma. Pain, especially in a relaxed state is the main symptom. Inflammation can also occur.



Older adults may suffer from this type of bone and cartilage cancer which is largely found in shoulders, arms, ribs, pelvis and thighs. Most diagnoses are incidental as a broken bone from a mild injury may suggest the condition.

Ewing’s Sarcoma

Named after the doctor who first discovered it, Ewing’s sarcoma is found in soft tissues as well. It is observed mostly in the lower bodies of young men. Those who have already undergone chemo or radiotherapy should watch out for general signs of primary bone cancer in this regard.



Pleomorphic undifferentiated sarcoma is mostly found in the soft tissues of Caucasian men. It may go undetected for a long period as pain may not occur while the tumour continues to grow and spread.





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