Symptoms of Pregnancy According to Gestation

Updated at: Oct 19, 2013
Symptoms of Pregnancy According to Gestation

Taking a look at symptoms of pregnancy according to gestation can help you know in advance what each pregnancy trimester beholds.

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When you are aware of the symptoms of pregnancy according to gestation, you can help yourself.

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Learning about the signs of each trimester of pregnancy can make this journey of nine months go smooth and trouble-free, however, every pregnancy is unique in its own way, but there remain some common symptoms that we have compiled down here for you.


First Trimester (Week 1 to 14)

  • With the initiation of pregnancy, you may feel excessive gas, uneasiness, anxiety, morning sickness, nausea and constipation.
  • The most noticeable sign of pregnancy is the missed period.
  • Breast tenderness or sore breasts and nipples.
  • At this stage of pregnancy, you may go through extremes of emotions; for instance, at one instance, you may feel elated and nervous in another.
  • Abdominal cramps, sensitivity to smells and fatigue.
  • Weight gain due to conception becomes noticeable.
  • Swelling of breasts, breast size increases and even touching them might be painful.
  • Increased cravings for certain foods.
  • Lack of libido and gastrointestinal problems
  • Bodily discomfort due to growing foetus.
  • Morning sickness and nausea disappears and belly bump starts to appear.
  • At this stage of pregnancy, increased body temperature is a normal condition.
  • Some pregnant women may notice pigmentation in their fingernails or toenails.


Second Trimester (Weeks 15 to 29)

  • Increased baby bump is noticeable by the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions or shooting pains in the fourth month of pregnancy.
  • Backache due to additional weight and heartburn.
  • Appearance of reddish purple or red shiny streaks .i.e, stretch marks on your abdomen, breast and buttocks. You may also experience itching in the scarred skin.
  • By the second trimester of pregnancy, you may also notice changes in the skin. The skin of the areola darkens. Some women have reported that during their pregnancy they experienced increased sensitivity to sun exposure.
  • You may get thin and whitish vaginal discharge that is acidic in nature and suppresses harmful bacteria.
  • Due to increased weight and growing belly bump, you may find it hard to move around.
  • During pregnancy, your lungs start taking more air so that foetus gets enough of oxygen. Due to this, you may find yourself panting at times or breathing slightly faster than before. Shortness of breath can also be noticed.

Third Trimester (Weeks 31 to 42)

  • By this time, you would be taking bed rest as much as possible.
  • You may be gorging on excess food as the foetus demands more nutrients for its unhampered growth.
  • This is the last trimester of pregnancy and you’ll be weighing 25 to 30 pound more than your pre-pregnancy weight.
  • You will notice Spider veins and varicose veins.
  • Haemorrhoids.
  • Blood vessels on face, neck, legs and bosoms become slightly visible due to increased blood circulation.
  • Persistent breast growth and backaches.
  • Increased episodes of heartburn and shortness of breath.



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