Symptoms of Inguinal Hernia in Men

Updated at: Dec 23, 2013
Symptoms of Inguinal Hernia in Men

Some inguinal hernias don't cause any symptoms. However, you can see and feel the bulge created by the hernia. Learn its signs and symptoms in men.

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A lump resulting from a part of the intestine (bowel) slipping through a weak abdominal wall is called hernia. Inguinal hernia (groin hernia) is the most common type of hernias.

symptoms of inguinal herniaAn inguinal hernia doesn’t get better or go away on its own. It can many a times lead to life-threatening complications. For this reason, doctors usually recommend surgery to treat an inguinal hernia that is painful and larger.

Inguinal hernias are up to 10 times more common in men than in women. About one in four men develop a hernia at some point in life.

Symptoms of Inguinal Symptoms

Sometimes inguinal hernia doesn’t show any symptoms and to your shock, your doctor might discover it during a routine medical exam. However, one can see or feel the bulge created by it. This bulge would show more when you stand, and if you cough or strain.

Inguinal hernia signs and symptoms include:

  • A bulge in the area on either side of your pubic bone
  • A burning, gurgling or aching sensation at the bulge
  • Pain or discomfort in your groin, especially when bending over, coughing or lifting
  • A heavy or dragging sensation in your groin
  • Weakness or pressure in your groin
  • Occasionally, pain and swelling around the testicles when the protruding intestine descends into the scrotum


How to Relieve Hernia Symptoms

The hernia can gently and easily be pushed back into the abdomen when you are lying.
If it doesn’t work, apply an ice pack to the area which will help reduce the swelling. Then the hernia can slide in easily.

Lie down with your pelvis higher than your head to help the bulge go inside.

What if the Hernia Can’t be Pushed In

If the hernia doesn’t slide inside after various attempts, it probably is incarcerated hernia. When a loop of intestine is trapped in the abdominal wall, incarcerated hernia develops. This condition can lead to strangulated hernia, which cuts off the blood supply to the bowel.

Signs and Symptoms of Incarcerated Hernia are:

  • Nausea, vomiting or both
  • Fever
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Sudden pain that quickly intensifies
  • A hernia bulge that turns red, purple or dark
  • If any of these signs or symptoms occurs, call your doctor right away.


Signs and Symptoms of Inguinal Hernia in Children

A weak abdominal at the time of birth causes inguinal hernia in children. At times, the bulge is only visible when your child is crying, coughing or straining during a bowel movement, making it difficult to detect.

Preventing Inguinal Hernia

To reduce the risk of developing the hernia of groin, you must:

  • Maintain a normal body weight.
  • Exercise regularly in oreder to strengthen abdominal muscles.
  • Avoid straining while defecating or urinating.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects.


When to See a Doctor

If you notice a painful or noticeable bulge in your groin or on either side of your pubic bone. Consult your doctor. As the symptoms go, you may notice the bulge while standing, coughing, straining, or putting the hand directly over the affected area.

Immediate medical help is required for a hernia bulge if it turns red, purple or dark. In babies and young children, call your doctor promptly if you notice a lump in the child's groin or scrotum.


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