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Symptoms of Low Sex Marriage

Snr By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 20, 2012
Symptoms of Low Sex Marriage

If your spouse seems more of a roommate than a loving and passionate husband or wife, you may be having low sex marriage. To know if you really are in a low sex marriage, watch out for these symptoms.

Symptoms of Low Sex Marriage

Are you going through a tough time in your marriage and thinking that your spouse has lost interest in you or  he/she suddenly seems like a roommate than a loving husband or wife? If your answer is in affirmative, it is better to judge the situations in your marriage because you and your spouse may be going through a low sex marriage. Here are some symptoms of low sex marriage that can help you to know the real intruder in your once-a-passionate-sexual-life.

Occasional sex

As the time passes by, sexual indulgence between the couple becomes fewer. In some cases, sex becomes occasional i.e. the couple only have sex once or twice in a month or make it a weekly routine. This occasional lovemaking clearly shows less intimacy and low sex drive in the marriage. A low sex marriage is surely indicated by sporadic lovemaking that may result in a marital disaster later.

When Sex seems like a Chore

With an increased burden of responsibilities and after many years of marriage, sex is usually seen as an obligation or daily chore i.e. you do it only because your partner wants it. With this mentality, sex becomes an obligation and loses its spark with the passage of time. One should not forget that sex in a marriage is a medium of showing love and respect for your partner. For one partner, it may be a job, but for the other it may be a feeling of being together and sense of devotion in a relationship. To prevent your marriage from becoming a low sex marriage, keep the passion and intimacy intact in your sexual life.


No Signs of Interest from your Spouse

If its start appearing that you are the only one, who wants to make love, or your spouse does not show any interest in sexual intimacy, it is a strong indication of low sex marriage. Sex is an essential ingredient of a successful marriage. If the sexual bond between both of you has started loosening up and your spouse is no more passionate and vigorous about sex, you need to figure out the possible reasons.


Lack of Spontaneity

Lack of spontaneity is indicated by situations such as when you or your partner does not feel intimate after sex or when you stop fantasising about your spouse’s sexuality. A marriage takes on a dormant level when sense of adventure or fun in the relationship dies.  Reduced interest in the marriage is a potent sign of low sex marriage that can later become a dead relationship. A low sex marriage can cause you utter despair and loneliness. Therefore,  it’s better to discuss your sex life with your spouse.

If you witness any of these indications in your marriage, start discussing them with your spouse to discover the reasons of less or low sex in your marriage and prevent your relationship from dying out.


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