Symptoms of Depression in Teenagers

Updated at: Nov 16, 2012
Symptoms of Depression in Teenagers

Symptoms of depression in teenagers: Adolescent depression may occur to any teen irrespective of what most may say are the typical causes. Of all the side-effects of depression in teenagers, some of the most common ones are discouragement, loss of

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Mental HealthWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Nov 16, 2012

In the competitive environment that we live in, trying to match the expectations of one and all can put a lot of pressure on us, especially teenagers. It is this pressure that causes a teen’s thinking, behaviour and physical well-being to get affected.


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Symptoms of depression in teenagers are not difficult to figure out. Here are some signs of teen depression.

Feeling of hopelessness:
Teens who feel that their life has no meaning or is not worth living are marred by depression. They become pessimist and do not even make an effort to maintain their appearance or hygiene and believe that unfavourable circumstances will never change and will continue to haunt them.

Social isolation: A lack of connection with friends and family is another sign of depression. They lose interest in maintaining their relationships and no longer visit their friends and relatives. In a depressive state, they don’t share whatever is going on in their mind with friends and family members. They assume that nobody cares about them and they are lonely.


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Losing interests and hobbies: Decreased interest in the activities that were enjoyed earlier is an indication of adolescent depression. Teens become apathetic, dropping out all the activities they used to love doing earlier.

Poor academic performance:
Falling grade average and increased absence from school indicate depressive state of a teenager. Depressed adolescents fail to maintain their academic record because of lack of motivation, loss of concentration and slowed thinking.

An unhealthy lifestyle:
Depressed adolescents may become anorexic or bulimiac owing to loss of appetite. Teens with depression may show signs of starvation or overeating. There may be sleep disturbance, making it difficult for them to wake up in the morning.


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Dip in self-esteem: A common symptom of teenage depression is taking blame for all the negativity around. They feel unworthy, losing their self-worth and competence.

Taking out anger on their family and friends:
Depressed teens are often irritable, slamming anger on their friends and family members.

Depression in adolescents changes the way teenagers see themselves and others in their lives. Depressed teenagers usually see everything negatively, assuming that their problem or situation cannot be resolved in any manner.

In order to get a teenager out of a depressive state, treatment must be tailored according to them and their families must try to understand the situation. Depression in teens responds to treatment. Therefore, recognising it early and treating it helps prevent further episodes.


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