Symptoms of Bone Cancer in Men

Updated at: Feb 27, 2013
Symptoms of Bone Cancer in Men

Symptoms of Bone Cancer in Men - Bone cancer can be fatal if not detected at the right time. It has some common symptoms which make diagnosis difficult. Some symptoms are lumps and swelling in the bone, body pain, body weakness and fever.

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Symptoms of Bone Cancer in Men

Bone cancer is a very natural form of cancer that has been found to be very common in men. Cancer research studies have shown that the disease has been found more in men than women although reasons have not been suggested for such a result. Bone cancer accounts for a significant portion of deaths in men as the symptoms that are normally exhibited before the disease are often misinterpreted and thus ignored. This leads to greater aggravation of the disease in the body reaching a stage where it cannot be treated anymore.


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Some of the symptoms of bone cancer in men are:

  • Pain – Without doubt, pain in the most common symptom in all types of bone cancer in men. It does not matter whether the cancer is primary or secondary (from having metastasized from another part of the body). The cancer cells can inflict pressure on the nerves and tissues in the bones. The commonly affected areas where the bones are targeted are the legs, spine, ribs and the pelvic area. The pain can be normally experienced at night or during certain activity. With intense pressure being applied on the nerves around the spinal cord, pain could also be felt in the form of backache. Persistent backache should be immediately reported to the doctor lest it results in severe conditions such as paralysis which could mean a total breakdown of the entire skeletal system.


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  • Lumps and swellings in the bone – Swelling around the affected area is also a very common symptom exhibited during bone cancer. The swelling may result when you hit something hard, but you will notice that even with intense medication, the swelling/lump refuses to go away. If the lump persists for weeks, it would be appropriate to consult a doctor. Lumps and swellings are mostly observed when the cancer diagnosed is fibro-sarcoma.
  • Unexplained loss of weight and appetite – Loss of weight and appetite is also commonly seen as a symptom. Even with an increased craving for food, you may not be able to eat much. This further leads to loss of weight and fatigue.


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  • Weakening of the bones – The cancer cells effectively weaken the bone tissues and nerves where they strike. So when you are engaged in some rigorous activity, you will experience a weakening of bones. You will see that the strain is much bigger and larger than usual, forcing you to rest for sometime before starting another shift. Weakening of the nerves in the bones could be very traumatic and harmful.
  • Fever, nausea and vomiting – Although these are less commonly experienced during bone cancer, it still cannot be ruled out. With increased calcium levels in the blood, you may experience a few bouts of fever and vomiting, coupled with nausea.


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