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Symptoms of Anemia during Pregnancy

Pregnancy By Bushra Kafeel , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 05, 2018
Symptoms of Anemia during Pregnancy

Anaemia is a common condition women face during their pregnancy. Fatigue, weakness and pale complexion are some of the common symptoms of anaemia during pregnancy.

Anaemia is caused due to low count of red blood cells. This condition reduces oxygen carrying ability of the body to cause fatigue and tiredness.

Anaemia is a common pregnancy issues. The reason for anaemia during pregnancy is the decrease production or increased loss of red blood cells.


Fatigue is one of most common complaints of expecting mothers. Even though, fatigue is even experienced by healthy pregnant women but it is also an important indication of anaemia. You may feel extremely exhausted and not able to do your routine work.


If you are anaemic, you may feel weak and exhausted all the time. When you are feeling week, it is wise to consult your doctor immediately.

Pale Complexion

Pale complexion during pregnancy signifies that you are anaemic. Lips, fingernails, gums, palms of hand and lining of the eyes become noticeably pale or less pink than before.


Dizziness and shortness of breath is quite common in those who are pregnant.

Chest Pain and Headache

Chest pain, joint pain and headache are symptoms of severe cases of anaemia. You may frequently experience headache, this can be dealt by having water or eating something but if the problem persist then it is important to consult your doctor.

Heart Palpitations

Another symptom of anaemia during pregnancy is heart palpitations i.e. awareness of heart beat. You may feel that your heart is racing or that the heart beat is irregular and skips a beat.

Other Symptoms

As heart has to make extra efforts to meet oxygen requirement of the body, there can be light headedness, irritability, fainting spells, laboured breathing and low body temperature.

To deal with iron deficiency during pregnancy, see your health care provider and ask if you need prenatal vitamins or more of iron rich food in your diet. Dried fruits, whole grains, broccoli, spinach, nuts and chicken are some of the excellent sources of iron. In order to make sure that iron is well absorbed by your body you must also take vitamin C as it greatly helps in absorption of iron.


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