Surprising Ways To Relieve Endometriosis Pain

Updated at: Nov 16, 2018
Surprising Ways To Relieve Endometriosis Pain

Endometriosis is a common disease that affects women. It is a painful disorder, which occurs when the tissue that normally lines in the inside of your uterus grows outside the uterus. 

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What is Endometriosis? 

Endometriosis is a common disease that affects women. It is a painful disorder, which occurs when the tissue that normally lines in the inside of your uterus grows outside the uterus. In endometriosis, the displaced tissue behaves like the lining of the uterus. It thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. This can cause pain in periods, lower abdominal pain, and women may have a hard time in conceiving. 

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Symptoms of Endometriosis 

Every woman suffering from endometriosis pain may experience different symptoms – some might have severe pain, whereas some might have none. Some of the common symptoms include: 

  • Pain during intimacy 
  • Pain in the lower abdomen or pelvis or lower back 
  • Painful and heavy periods 
  • Fertility related problems 
  • Fatigue 
  • Infertility 
  • Painful bowel movements during periods

Causes of Endometriosis 

The exact cause of endometriosis is not known but there are some factors that increase the risk of developing endometriosis include:

  • History of consistently short menstrual cycle 
  • History of heavy menstrual flow during each period and long menstrual cycle 
  • Abnormality in the reproductive tract that constricts your vagina 
  • Family history of endometriosis  
  • You have a congenital anomaly of the uterus 

Ways to relieve endometriosis pain

Physical therapy 

We often get physical therapy after a sports injury or after an accident, but did you know that physical is not just limited to that? Physical therapy can also help with endometriosis pain. It can affect the way your pelvis and abdomen work. A physical therapist can help those areas functioning again. 

Get up and moving

As much as you feel like lying down when you’re hurting, regular exercise can help you feel better. It does not have to be a strenuous workout but a workout combining exercises including walking, stretching and breathing exercises – these light exercises can help ease the endometriosis pain. 

No gluten 

Going gluten-free might work for some women suffering from this kind of pain. Try to avoid foods rich in gluten for a month like wheat, pasta, noodles, etc. Replace these foods with corn, rice, millets, and others. You can start again after a month to see it is still a problem or not. Just keep in mind that this might not work for everyone. 

Some pelvic floor exercise 

Doing pelvic floor exercises can help re-coordinate the muscles and can give you comfort. These exercises help the pelvic floor muscles to work properly again because if they don’t then it can add to the pain.


Acupuncture is a Chinese medical practice, wherein needles are used to stimulate muscles and nerves. Various studies have suggested acupuncture can curb endometriosis pain. 

Morning Coffee 

Various studies have suggested that coffee can help lower the chances of getting endometrial cancer. This possible link between coffee and endometriosis is enough for you to remember to never skip your morning coffee. 

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