Surprising Reasons you're Gaining Weight Despite Healthy Lifestyle

Updated at: Dec 06, 2013
Surprising Reasons you're Gaining Weight Despite Healthy Lifestyle

There could be many possible reasons for weight gain other than your diet and lifestyle.  Know about the surprising reasons and weight gain sources.

Himanshu Sharma
Weight ManagementWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Sep 27, 2013

We all know that when one eats more calories than needed for bodily functions and physical activity, he may gain weight. However, the lifestyle habits are not always the reason for putting on weight.

Weight gain reasonsIf you are living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet but still seeing the scale going up, it will be maddening for you. There could be other reasons that you can’t explain for weight gain.


Medical Conditions

Thyroid conditions, particularly hypothyroidism (when thyroid is not making enough thyroid hormone) is associated with weight gain. It makes one feel tired, weak and gain weight. As your metabolism slows, making weight gain becomes more likely. On the contrary, hyperthyroidism might cause weight loss. Treating thyroid conditions with medication may reverse some of the weight gain.

Cushing’s syndrome is rare; the syndrome affects only about 15 in every million adults annually. If your fat distribution is more in the abdominal area, cushing’s syndrome could be behind it. Health-related problems with kidney, liver and heart can be associated with weight gain. Also, women who undergo breast cancer treatments and affected by ovarian cysts may often experience a fluctuation in weight.



Medications could be one of the reasons that your pounds are creeping on. Medications such as birth control pills, excess hormones for hormone therapy, steroids, beta-blockers for heart disease and blood pressure, anti-seizure meds, breast cancer medications, migraine and heartburn medications may make you weigh more. If you think or suspect that medications are behind your increased waistline, talk to your doctor about it and ask for alternative treatment.


Sweet-toothed Colleagues

A recent survey by online network Nutritionist Resource suggests that colleagues could be the reason you are putting on weight despite healthy lifestyle. As per the research, healthy diets might be so hard to keep up because co-workers bring in fatty, sugary treats that prove difficult to resist. Surveyors found that 89 percent of office workers are regularly offered snacks by their co-workers and 70 percent found it difficult or impossible to turn treats down.



If you are addicted to television, you are more likely to snack on energy-dense foods such as fries, chips and chocolates. It may contribute to an inactive lifestyle, as you don't need the calories while watching TV. If you cannot do anything about snacking while watching TV, try spending less time in front of the idiot box.


Portion sizes

You may think that your size of portions for meals is fine, and you keep eating even after you feel full. Food in your plate isn’t the parameter and when we're given a larger portion, we tend to eat more. Make sure you eat slowly to make to avoid over-stuffed feeling. Moreover, serve yourself a smaller portion and decide later whether you need a second serve.


Lack of sleep

If you stay awake till late, you are more likely to binge on some late night snacking that will increase your calorie intake. Moreover, there is a biochemical reason that will make you weigh more when you're sleep deprived. Changes in hormone levels increase hunger and appetite, making you eat more and increasing weight.



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