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Surprising Facts about Birth Control Pills

Snr By Arpita De , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 03, 2011
Surprising Facts about Birth Control Pills

Contraception – There are some very surprising facts about birth control pills in this article which include the fact there is a male birth control pill in the pipeline. These surprising facts about birth control are surely going to enlighte

Woman taking pillBirth control pills are increasing gaining popularity as a trusted method of contraception. Women are slowly warming up to the idea of ingesting pills that will help them stay away from unwanted pregnancies. Here we present to you certain surprising facts about birth control pills. Some of these will enhance your knowledge about contraception and some will just make you sigh with relief!


Birth Control Pills don’t make You Fat


Weight gain has been traditionally accepted as a side effect of birth control pills but recent research points otherwise. Women may or may not gain weight after taking the pill. Some women also lose weight after being on the birth control pill. Nothing has been conclusively proven about the effect of birth control pill on weight and diseases such as obesity.


You cannot Skip the Pill when You Want


It is a myth that you can periodically stay of the birth control pill and not conceive. Even one missed pill and unprotected sexual intercourse can lead to a pregnancy.


The Pill does not ensure Protection against Diseases


The birth control does offer some protection against pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cancer and pre-menstrual syndrome. It does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections. There despite taking the birth control pill you have use to use other methods of protection such as condoms during sexual encounters.


The Pill might be to blame for Low Sexual Drive


Another birth control fact is that some research has concluded that the birth control pill does decrease the level of testosterone in the body leading to a reduction in the sexual drive. However, this problem can easily be sorted by consulting a gynaecologist who will prescribe another pill for you.


Male Birth Control Pill in the Pipeline


This is good news for us women because researchers are working on a revolutionary birth control pill for men. This oral contraception for men will ensure that the sperm dies before reaching the egg and one will have to ingest it four times in a year. Research work is still on and the pill will hit stores once all testing is completed. In fact, in a recent survey, 60% men have actually agreed to take the birth control pill if one is available for them!


It has been discovered that more than 100 million women use the birth control pill as a method of contraception globally and in the United States of America alone, there are more than 40 brands selling birth control pills! This sure says a lot about birth control facts and the efficiency of birth control pills.


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