Summer Foot Care for Diabetes

Updated at: Aug 01, 2012
Summer Foot Care for Diabetes

Summer Foot Care for Diabetes : Foot care for diabetics is must and the summers can make this task even more tedious. So learn how to take care of your feet during the summers and remain safe.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DiabetesWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 01, 2012

For a diabetic patient foot care is one of the main concerns. Diabetics tend to suffer from neuropathy that happens due to tissue damage which is caused by blood vessel damage. If you are diabetic then you may not know that you do have a feet injury and it takes a lot of time to heal completely. This slow healing process can be harmful as it may cause harmful infection. So, during summers you may feel like going outdoors barefoot and walk without much care, however you need to be aware.

Take a look at the following points on how to take care of your foot during the summers:

Maintaining Your Glucose Level – Being a diabetic patient your first and foremost concern should be to maintain the glucose level in your blood. The blood sugar level should be 70 to 130 mg/dl before meals and less than 180 mg/dl two hours after starting a meal. Be wary of what you are consuming and also try and do some regular exercises. Your diet has to be much disciplined and that is one the main ways to control the blood sugar level for a diabetic patient. You should go for regular checkups and see how your blood sugar level is.

Footwear – You must by all ways use proper footwear for walking. Even when in a beach you must use footwear, there may be unknown particles lying around the place that can cause harm to your foot.

  • Always buy the right kind of footwear; it should fit you perfectly.
  • Do not buy too big or too small a shoe.
  • Always use clean pair of socks. And, buy good quality shoes so that your shoe does not get deformed due to some unforeseen event.

Wash and Take care – Do inspect your feet every day, look out for bruises and cuts. Check for debris in between your toes and wash them instantly. Always be mindful to wash your feet after wearing a shoe. Make sure to wash off all the sand and dust or the small pebbles if they are there by any chance. Also apply lotion to your feet on a regular basis and trim your nails and file the edges.

Visit a Podiatrist – The heat and sweat during the summers can take a toll on your feet and cause your feet to sweat more than often. This can also cause fungal infection. Therefore, it is only wise to visit a podiatrist to get your feet checked on a regular basis.

Diabetes is not a very problematic if all the necessary steps are taken.


So be careful and understand the necessity of foot care in order to stay away from foot problems.




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