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Sugar has No Nutritional Value: Myth or Fact

Exercise & Fitness By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 02, 2014
Sugar has No Nutritional Value: Myth or Fact

Sugar is a sin that not many would like to commit, but could there be any nutritional benefits of sugar? Can you possibly get healthier by any chance?

There is a lot of hullabaloo over sugar being a bad food choice. Everything sugary is supposed to be avoided and sidelined. But what if sugar has some nutritional value? What if it is good?

nutrition in sugarSugar which can also be called table sugar is commonly found in food products, baked goods, soft drinks and cereals. There is always this hatred towards sugar, the common perception being that sugar increases calories and makes people fat. Sugar comes in many forms beside white ones; you have brown and powdered which have different manufacturing process. The fact of the matter remains that sugar isn’t good for you and in fact has no nutritional value. It plays no role whatsoever in a balanced diet, and instead makes things worse for your health.

The Calorie Content

The total calorie intake does have an impact on you and it can increase the fat levels in your body and increase your weight very easily. Fructose and sugar are both forms of carbohydrate and contains four calories per gram when you consume them. Both of these also do lack in dietary fiber and can lack in nutritious value. Therefore, the bottom line is that there are no health benefits of sugar or fructose when you consume them.

One tablespoon, which means 4 grams of sugar have 16 calories, and 1% carbohydrates and that’s it. There is nothing that you can get from a spoonful of sugar. You can hence imagine the calories that you consume upon eating a sweet dish.

Effect on Glucose Levels

When you consume sugar, it sends glucose straight to the blood and causes the insulin levels to rise and that is when you experience a burst of energy for a short span of time. This burst of energy is then followed by a drop which in turn makes you hungry and craving for more, safe to say it sounds like an addiction that could be dangerous. The drop in your energy will push you to consume more food throughout the day and thus increase your calorie.

It may be worth a mention that fructose sends glucose to the liver after consumption and this has a very small impact on how we feel after we consume. In other words the highs and lows are avoided.

Other Options

There are many options that may replace sugar, but none of them are any better than the useless sugar. You have raw honey, sucanat, trace nutrients and they are equally pathetic as a sweeterner. They are the same as compared to the white sugars in terms of calories and some are even more.

Therefore, it is safe to say that sugar does not have any nutritional value and in fact does badly for your health. Try and avoid it as much as you can, so it is a fact.

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