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Substitutes to boost your diet

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 13, 2017
Substitutes to boost your diet

Substitutes Boosting Diet: Choosing healthy foods and alternatives is crucial for ascertaining well-being.


You are solely responsible for forming a healthy lifestyle. There are innumerable healthy food options and substitutes that could make a significant difference to the overall health. Therefore, it is a wise choice to switch and obtain numerous benefits from simple substitutions in daily diet regimen.

These substitutions will help you eliminate excess calories from diet, help in streamline blood circulation and also awarding much-needed nutritional elements.



Mentioned below are some diet alternatives that will energise your diet:


  1. Fresh and Frozen Vegetables: Canned vegetables contain extra sodium instead, which is added to these as preservative. To avoid accidental intake of excess sodium, prefer fresh or frozen vegetables over canned. In case you are eating canned ones, rinse well before cooking to get rid of excess sodium.

  2. Raw Spinach as Salad: Salads are good for you. Be it vegetable salad, or salads of legumes, or mixed salads with meat content. One must understand that green leafy vegetable render several health benefits. Raw spinach is considered ideal salad, as it has triple the iron and folate than the iceberg lettuce. Inclusion of raw spinach instead of other salads in a diet plan ascertains healthy cells and regular blood purification.

  3. Grain Munchies over Potato Snacks: Whenever hunger strikes, our hands reach out for potato chips. Instead of munching on potato snacks, whole grain snacks should be consumed to end hunger slump. Among several benefits of whole grains are source of energy, aiding digestion and healthy heart functioning.

  4. Seasonal Fruits as Desserts: Desserts are delicious and quite tempting. Don’t get carried away while passing by bakery shop with mouth-watering desserts. Instead of thinking of dessert treat, go for fresh seasonal fruits that would put worthy vitamins and nutrients up on your sleeve.

  5. Skim Milk over Cream Milk: Milk is another source containing bulk of fat. Switch to skim milk from cream to limit extra fat and calories.

  6. Unsalted Butter over Salted Butter: Butter has become integral part of our diet. Owing to excess fat content, butter might hinder healthy regimen. As an alternative, buy unsalted butter that tastes almost similar and also ensure that unnecessary sodium gets eliminated from diet.

  7. Water over Soda/Carbonated Beverages: Water will any given day benefit you more than soda. The sugary soda or carbonated beverages are only high in sugar, but have negligible healthy calories. Therefore, whenever you need to quench thirst, go for water. In order to add some taste to it, you can stir it up with a lemon.


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