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Confused About Styling Your Hair? Try These Easy And Stylish Hairstyles This Wedding Season

Updated at: Dec 06, 2019
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Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Dec 06, 2019
Confused About Styling Your Hair? Try These Easy And Stylish Hairstyles This Wedding Season

Everyone wants to look completely different during this wedding season. And sometimes a simple but stylish hairdo can completely change your look.

As soon as the wedding season begins, you see a pile of invitations at your place! And especially women, do not want to leave any stone unturned to make them look different. Many of you must have started shopping, beginning with dresses then footwears etc. But keep in mind that you can't look stylish just by buying expensive clothes or wearing it. You must carry it well. Also, focus on your makeup and hairstyles. If you try a unique style, then it enhances your overall look. So, today we are telling you about some of the best hairdos that can make your look perfect.

Front fishtail with open curls

The speciality of this hairstyle is that it suits every girl (of any age whether you are married or unmarried). Also, you can make it with any type of dress, sari or suit. To create this style:


  • First, take a front section and make a french braid on both sides and pinup it. After this, loose curl your hair. You are ready with the Front fishtail with open curls hairstyle. 
  • In this, you can do many variations. Like, instead of making bread on both sides from the front, make it from the same side. 
  • Similarly, you can also use flowers or any hair accessories in your hair.

Bun with braid

It is a very simple and quick style which can be made during this wedding season. Moreover, do you feel trouble while handling your hair? Don't worry, as you will love this hairstyle, as, after this, you will not have to manage them. 


  • For this hairstyle, comb the hair and now take all your hair together and ponytail it.
  • After this, make a simple braid of hair and fix it with the help of rubber.
  • Slowly, turn this braid into a round bun and keep fixing it with the help of a pin.
  • Your hairstyle is ready. You can put gajra in it to make it even more beautiful.

Bubble ponytail

If you like to ponytail, then during this wedding season, you must try this different style. 


  • To make it, first, comb the hair and make a low ponytail. You fix it with the help of a rubber. 
  • After this, put one more rubber at a distance of two inches and slightly loosen the hair with the help of hands. 
  • Similarly, put rubber again at a distance of two inches and loosen the upper part again. Repeat the same process until the end of the hair. 
  • If you want to make it even more beautiful then you can make some different style on the front section of the hair.

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