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Study reveals secret of Pineapple Nutrition

Updated at: Sep 11, 2013
Written by: Agency NewsPublished at: Sep 11, 2013
Study reveals secret of Pineapple Nutrition

A new study has shown the nutrition benefits of pineapple, and this comes as a welcoming change as studies havent been made on this tropical fruit yet.

nutrition in pineappleA new study by scientists have conducted a study on the world’s first large scale gene based pineapple. During the course of this study they have found that many genes are involved in the ripening and nutritional benefits of the tropical fruit.

Researchers noted that the pineapple which is a tropical fruit of great significant value worldwide have had so little research done on them. And Dr. Jonni Koia from the University of Queensland stated, “This is the first large-scale gene expression study that has identified numerous genes involved in pineapple ripening and other important processes such as redox activity and organic acid metabolis. In addition, my research also identified genes conferring nutritional and health benefits, such as those involved in anti-oxidant, glutathione and vitamin C production."

He also said that the results from his study have a wide ranging use across agricultural and food science, and it could in fact be incorporated in the future development of other important food and plant crops, thus broadening the horizon for such a study.

Koia also discovered two genomic regions which are called promoters that control the gene activity within a cell and also have important biotechnological applications. These two promoters have been derived from pineapple and can be freely used for basic research and improvement of the plant.

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