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Stress Relief Through Sex Unhealthy

Updated at: Mar 12, 2012
Written by: Gunjan Rastogionlymyhealth editorial teamPublished at: Mar 12, 2012
Stress Relief Through Sex Unhealthy

Stress relief through sex unhealthy: Read article on sex as a stress buster can lead to sex addiction or more.

Stress Relief Through Sex Unhealthy

It has been a general conception that sex is a stress buster as it relaxes and re-energizes a person in the toughest times. Sex naturally decreases one’s strain and tension that he or she might go through in his or her professional or personal life. When people are involved in a sexual act, their body produces neuro chemicals called endorphins. During orgasm, these neuro chemicals release and alter the mood  by switching off the stressed mode or negative mood to a relaxed mode.


Not many people, however, are aware that sex as a stress buster can lead to sex addiction, which is usually seen in the case of alcohol when it is used as a stress- buster. According to Dr. Rajendra Sathe, a sexologist, sex or any form of masturbation can work well for a stressed person, but the real purpose of indulging in sexual act should be making love.  The purpose of having sex should be the pleasurable union with your partner rather than lowering your stress or tension. If a person starts viewing sex as a stress- buster, he or she may end up being a sex-addict.


So much of dependency on sex or masturbation for relieving stress or worries can cause the end of developing a sexual burnout syndrome. It is important to understand that sex should be out of love not out of stress or frustration. In fact, holding hands with your partner, hugging and cuddling can allay stress therefore, there is no need for one to consider sexual activity as a stress-buster. The need to have sex, which comes out of stress, may not be as satisfying for other partner as it is for a person, who is stressed out.  If a person feels caught up in any stressful condition, it is advisable that he or she consults a doctor.


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