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Stress Making You Bitchy?

Updated at: Jun 04, 2012
Mental Health
Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Feb 27, 2012
Stress Making You Bitchy?

If you are becoming bitchy due to stress, learn the tips given here to balance your behaviour and be a calmer, more relaxed you.

Stress Making You Bitchy

A recent survey on American woman has revealed that more than half of them feel stressed out most of the time. What’s more, this stress is making them bitchy. Since stressful situations lower the feel good hormones such as endorphin and increase the harmful hormones such as cortisol in the body, they can lead to outbursts. The condition of women is aggravated by their conditioning. They are expected and conditioned to keep their anger to themselves and not express it overtly. They would tend to get into a bad mood to express their bad mood.


If such is your case, here are some pointers to manage your stress better from now onwards:

  • Get tougher assignments done earlier in the day – You should schedule your day in a way that the tougher tasks are completed first thing in the morning. Leaving them for later or procrastinating is likely to make you yell at people a lot more out of anxiety.
  • Don’t forget your coffee breaks – A study has found that having coffee alone does not have a good effect on your stress levels. On the other hand, if you sipped in caffeinated drinks in a group, the stress levels were reduced.
  • Learn to say ‘no’ – Women are inclined to accept each and every invitation that they receive. You do not need to feel obliged just because you have been called. In fact going somewhere while feeling annoyed or bitter all the time is likely to have the reverse effect in socialising.
  • Short high-intensity exercises – To really let out the stress from your body, get your body moving. Running for 5 to 10 minutes might be a better option than doing cardio or Yoga. Slower paced workouts do not have as good an effect on reducing your stress levels as the fast paced ones.
  • Pamper yourself – Enjoying a sauna, taking a hot relaxing shower or any other indulgence usually works well to beat your stress. Just make sure that it does not divert your focus from something important.
  • Get hold of your finances – Plan your summer holiday travel and check out how you are going to make it. Paying attention to your financial condition would make you feel more secured about the future and help to relieve stress.
  • Learn to speak slowly – Be alert about when you can snap out at anyone, the cahier or clerk of any establishment, or any other person. However tiresome the person may be, if you restrain yourself to talk slowly, it would place you in a better position to get what you want.


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