4 Strategies to Stop Arguing

Updated at: Feb 01, 2012
4 Strategies to Stop Arguing

Arguments are an inevitable part of a relationship, but going overboard with one is destructible. Here are ways you can stop arguing with your partner.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
DatingWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Feb 01, 2012

4 Srategies to stop arguingArguments with another individual notwithstanding the kind of relationship that you share with him or her are inevitable. Couples are no exception. Arguments with loved ones can get stressful over time especially, if they are ground on deep rooted issues. A research found out that couples, who turn routinely argumentative, turn so because of the desperation to be heard, which the researchers found to be non-productive because the individuals end up talking at each other instead of having a peaceful dialogue to cultivate understanding. Repetitive arguments take a toll on an individual not only physically but also emotionally. Here are a few strategies that can help you gradually reduce having arguments to an almost negligible grade.

Avoid using Insults

Avoid using insults as much as you can. Insults trigger a much greater intensity of bitterness than you expect. Although, an argument may be small in the beginning, insults can add fuel to the argument and transcend it to a much worse situation. Not only does an argument go on for a longer period of time than anyone wants, it also consumes the relationship much later in time. If you have been chasing ways to stop bearing the dire emotional consequences of an argument, stop using insults.


Find the Real Issue

If you cannot figure out why you and your partner cannot stop arguing, try to find the principal cause of the arguments. If you cannot find out the cause of it, give each other the space to communicate. Ask your partner how he or she feels about something and what he or she thinks should be changed. If you do not agree to certain things, make it clear by being vocal. Do not suppress the feelings within you or let them be within your partner. Being expressive is the way to a healthy and happy relationship. The second important thing is to be understanding when discussing personal issues with your partner. Have the courtesy to understand a situation from your partner’s perspective.


Stop attempting to always Prove yourself Right

As long you as you believe that you are right, no nth number of strategy will help you to stop arguing.  When you are having an argument, the ultimatum is not to win it by proving yourself right, but getting down to an understanding and stable situation with each partner’s points of argument. Ego or pride is a serious catalyst of undesirable changes in an otherwise blissful relationship.


Develop Gratitude

Once you have overcome your need to be right, you will sooner or later develop a sense of gratitude for your partner. A good way to develop gratitude is by writing out things that you appreciate about your partner. Doing this, everyday, helps one to trick the mind to compromise all the vices and crown the virtues of his or her partner.


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