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Strategies to Eat healthy at Holiday Parties

Exercise & Fitness By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 24, 2011
Strategies to Eat healthy at Holiday Parties

Healthy Eating - Make sure the fun you have at a holiday party does not involve indulging in binge eating. Get some tips to manage that.


Most of us love to attend holiday parties with music, festive mood and good food to relish. People tend to throw health concerns for a toss and indulge in eating to their heart’s content, rather than the stomach’s content. Holidays should help you revitalise your senses and enable you face the regular life with renewed vigour. Overeating would hardly help in this. So, be prepared to resist the urge to indulge in food and view holiday parties as a time to socialise and relax.

Here’s how you can stay healthy at holiday parties:


Eat something at home


Before you reach the venue for holiday party, have a little snack at home. Nuts, whole grain crackers or string cheese. Do not arrive at the party hungry because nothing would stop you from binging on them.


Serve fruits and vegetables


This tip is useful if you are hosting a holiday party. Try to put fruits and vegetables as appetisers, as much as possible. You can also include a lot of fruity or veggy stuff on your plates for main course. Of course they should not be soaked in oil or fried.


Portion management


Some people have the habit of making a tower out of their serving of food on the plate. Are you one of those? Shun this habit because it leads you towards making unhealthily large proportions. Moreover, do not visit the food table for a second helping. Stick to one helping and no food towers when you help yourself.


Whole grains as much as possible


Put wheat grain flour in nut breads, cookies, muffins and even cookie recipes.


Napkin test


If you find a food article tempting, do the napkin test. Wipe it with a napkin, if it leaves an oil mark, do not eat it.

Do more of physical activities

You want to have a good time. They why not do so! Dancing, moonlight, candle light or flashlight walk around the party house is a good way to keep track of your calories. Sport such as table tennis, football or even billiards can help to keep the focus away from food, if not burning calories that much.


Be conscious of what you eat


It all boil downs to you exerting your will with health on your mind. So, choose only low fat healthy foods. You may still relish the fruit chutneys, barbecue sauce, cranberry sauce or spicy mustard.


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