A Man's Need for Sunscreen couldn't get more Demanding

Jan 31, 2013

Quick Bites:
  • SPF for men must be bought according to skin type.
  • A shot glassful of sunscreen is enough for full-body coverage.
  • Apply sunscreen all over your body before stepping out.
  • Sunscreen must be applied after every 2 hours.

There is a lot of hot debate that goes around the subject of a woman’s vanity purse.  But, there’s little to no highlight of the content of a man’s travel kit. Isn’t it rather needful to quit talking about how much the damsels need to take care of themselves and expose how men need some beautification too?

Let’s begin talking about SPF for men. Although, a man’s skin is so tough as his virility, it still has no hope in the face of UV rays. Men too must concentrate on applying a sunscreen from time to time to fight tough against the side-effects of exposure to the sun.

sunscreen for men

What is the Best Sunscreen for Men?

 To come to decide the right sunscreen for your skin, you must first know what type of skin you have.
•    Oily skin: An oily skin is prone to acne. So, pick an alcohol-based sunscreen product.
•    Sweaty: if you have an active lifestyle, you probably see the lotion coming in contact with the cornea and causing irritation. In this case, you must pick a solid moisturiser.
•    Dry skin: such a type of skin is prone to flakiness and dryness.  To prevent scaliness, use a moisturising block, which has aloe vera in it and is capable of blocking the harmful rays of the sun.


How Much is Enough?

According to a recent study published in Photochemistry and Photobiology, people applied only 25 percent of recommended amount of sunscreen. So, how do you know how much is 100 percent? Well, for your entire body, a shot glassful of a sunscreen lotion will work enough. But, make sure you keep applying the sunscreen through the day after a 2-hour gap between each application.

SPF for men

Few Important Tips

Apply sunscreen all over your body before you get ready to step out of the house. Doing so will ensure a complete coverage. If you apply it post dressing, make sure that you dab where your clothes end and the bare skin starts. Remember to apply the sunscreen especially on your collar line and the openings of the sleeve. Do not overlook the lower lip, the tops of your ears, eyelids and top of the feet. For protection around the eyes, wear a wraparound such as sunglasses that blocks the UV rays by 100 percent. Men of a darker skin tone may not need as much protection against the UV rays as paler or whiter men, but they still need to get an adequate UVA coverage to keep themselves protected against skin cancer.


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