Sperm Stunner to give Rise to Male Birth-Control Pill

Oct 08, 2012

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Sperm stunner to give rise to male birth control pill

A team of Australian researchers have found that by reducing the ability of the sperm to swim, they would be able to develop a new male contraceptive pill. The researchers have found a way to cut the efficiency of that part of the male sex organ short that drives the human sperm, thereby reducing the swimming ability of the sperm and developing a whole new concept of male contraceptive pill.


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The researchers, who were led by Moria OBryan from Monash University’s School of Biomedical Sciences, had engineered mutation in a particular gene called the RABL2, which delivered protein fuel to the sperms tail in mice. It was found that the mutation ended in sperm tails being 17% shorter than normal and the sperm production to have reduced by 50%.


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What struck the researchers most was that the mice with the mutated gene had become infertile and their sperm had become incapable of swimming. Moria said that a male pill may be able to inhibit RABL2 gene instead of changing it permanently.


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