Soft Drinks can Erode your Teeth Within 30 Seconds

Updated at: Aug 07, 2014
Soft Drinks can Erode your Teeth Within 30 Seconds

A recent research, suggesting minimum use of acidic drinks, has shown that consumption of soft drinks can erode teeth of young people within 30 seconds.

Vasudha Bhat
LatestWritten by: Vasudha BhatPublished at: Aug 07, 2014

Cola Toothe ErosionEach time you savored the taste of your favourite cola, it has wrecked havoc on your teeth within no time. This was proved in a research which has warned that acidic drinks can cause a lot of damage to young people’s teeth within 30 seconds.
Dental researchers, including one of Indian origin, at University of Adelaide have warned parents of the threat caused by soft-drinks, fruit juice, sports drinks, and other drinks high in acidity. The researchers have claimed that these drinks are a part of a ``triple-threat’’ of permanent damage to the teeth of young people.

This has been for the first time that the researchers have been able to demonstrate the permanent damage to teeth caused by acidity within 30 seconds of acid attack.

According to the researchers, consuming drinks with high on acidity when combined with nigh-time tooth grinding can cause major and irreversible damage to the teeth of young people.

Dr Sarbin Ranjitkar, the corresponsding author of a research paper published in the Journal of Dentistry, said "dental erosion is an issue of growing concern in developed countries, and it is often only detected clinically after extensive tooth wear has occurred".

The research was conducted by School of Dentistry Honours student Chelsea Mann.

Dr Rajnitkar told while speaking at the Australian Dental Association’s Dental Week Health that there is a significant rise in the number of cases with tooth erosion due to consumption of acidic beverages.

He said "often, children and adolescents grind their teeth at night, and they can have undiagnosed regurgitation or reflux, which brings with it acidity from the stomach. Combined with drinks high in acidity, this creates a triple threat to young people's teeth which can cause long-term damage to teeth".

Dr Ranjitkar suggested that parents must try to minimize the consumption of all kinds of soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit juice, or acidic foods to the children.

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