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    Smile please with invisible braces

    Dental Health By Editorial Team , Jagran Cityplus / Jul 28, 2010
    Smile please with invisible braces

    For most patients having a pretty smile is impossible if they wear braces. To balance your desire for convenience, aesthetics, health and most importantly for that pretty smile read on…

    For most patients having a pretty smile is impossible if they wear braces. To balance your desire for convenience, aesthetics, health and most importantly for that pretty smile read on…Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age, and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. You won't have to settle for the old "tin grin" to have the smile you've always wanted. Options such as clear brackets, Invisible Orthodontics, and even lingual brackets (placed on the tongue side of the teeth) keep your smile bright even during treatment.


    Many adult orthodontic patients have already experienced some breakdown or loss of their teeth and the bone that supports the teeth. In most instances, orthodontic treatment can enhance the success of replacing missing teeth and minimize the continuation of bone loss. More and more adults are improving their smiles and their health with braces. According to Dr. Sharad Kumar, a leading dentist in Vashi, " Two of every five patients undergoing  orthodontic treatment with me are over 21!  What Are Invisible Braces? Lingual (invisible) braces are fixed braces bonded on the inside surfaces of the teeth and therefore are not visible to other people when you speak and smile.Sophisticated tooth-moving wires such as space-age titanium wires are now being used for better comfort and reduced treatment time. Tooth-coloured ceramic braces and lingual (invisible) braces are now available as the aesthetic option to the traditional metal braces.




    The procedure of installing the lingual (invisible) braces is painless and does not require any surgical operation. It takes two visits (about 3 to 5 days apart) to have the lingual braces bonded.During the first visit, an impression of your teeth will be taken to create a model of your teeth. A customised set-up of the lingual (invisible) braces on your model teeth is then made in the laboratory and this is then incorporated to a transfer tray. During the second visit, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and then the transfer tray will be used to localize and bond the braces onto your teeth. 


    Are Invisible Braces For Me?


    A beautiful and healthy smile radiates congeniality and allows you to project your self-confidence. If you have been guarding your smile and are self-conscious about laughing and talking around other people, you may want to consider having your smile improved. There are various options available to patients depending on their dental problems and budget. Overcome Your Apprehension Patients no longer need to be fearful or self-conscious about wearing braces. The first step in improving your smile is to furnish yourself with more information about the treatment options available to you. Improve Your Dental Health Braces may also improve your dental health by making it easier to keep your teeth and gums clean. It may even allow you to bite more efficiently and prevent premature and abnormal wear and damage.


    Are Invisible Braces Expensive?


    The cost of treatment depends on many factors such as the type and complexity of the treatment plan proposed, severity of the malocclusion and even the experience and qualifications of the orthodontist.  Options to suit your needs and budget Treatment with lingual braces for the upper teeth and ceramic braces on the lower teeth is very popular with patients. The lower teeth can be bonded with ceramic braces on the outside surfaces of the lower teeth because the lower teeth are usually not apparent during speech and smiling. This treatment option lowers the discomfort level as well as the treatment cost.For patients who are unwilling to reveal even a trace of braces on the lower teeth, lingual (invisible) braces on both upper and lower teeth will be the option for them. 




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