6 Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Updated at: Jun 20, 2018
6 Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

There are numerous ways in which you can treat lower back pain; here are six of the most unusual ones that you had never thought of!

Arka Roy Chowdhury
PainWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jun 20, 2018

Most people complain about suffering from lower back pain and assume that a bit of stretching and exercising will help. Drifting away from the traditional treatments, here are six remedies that can relieve one from lower back pain and are almost every time, overlooked by us.

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Restorative Sleep: You would be surprised to know that your insomnia is not caused by a troubled mind, but a troubled body. It has been found that of all medical conditions, pain is the number one cause of insomnia with approximately two-thirds of patients suffering from back pain induced sleep disorders. It is therefore, important that both the sleep problems and pain be treated. Your sleep problem can be treated in numerous ways, such as through medication, relaxation techniques and other behavioral and psychological techniques. A combination of these techniques may at sometimes, work the best.

Exercise the Abdominal Area: The reason why most people have a weak back and inflated abdominal area is because unlike the major arm and leg muscles, the core muscles of the body which are the abdominal and back muscles are not used much during  daily activities and they therefore, lose strength with time. They must hence, be exercised or else the lower back will have to bear more pressure.

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Release the Inner Endorphins: The body’s natural pain relievers are known as endorphins and  can be as strong as many of the strongest pain relievers. These chemicals are released upon getting signals from the brain.  Endorphins will also help you to alleviate anxiety, stress and depression; these conditions are often responsible for back problems.

Use Ice and Heat: Cold and hot pack can treat your back pain some of the benefits of which are:

Ice Application: Back pain can also be healed with the help of an ice pack as it is always accompanied by some form of inflammation. Besides, ice acts as a local anesthetic that interrupts the pain-spasm reactions between the nerves in the affected area by slowing the nerve impulses.

Heat Application: There are two benefits of applying heat to the affected area. First, it helps the blood to circulate around the affected area and second, it inhibits the pain signals that are being sent to the brain.

Stretch the Hamstrings: Stretching hamstrings twice daily is a good way to relieve lower back pain. Tight hamstrings put more stress on the lower back and sacroiliac joint, making stretching  more painful. So, if you have tight hamstrings, make sure you stretch them under the supervision of a trainer or doctor. Remember to stretch the hamstrings twice daily for effective results.

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Let your Brain Work: It has been observed by pain specialists that pain is more complicated than just a sensation just like vision. Much of the pain depends on how the brain processes the pain signals. So, you will need to develop skills that will help your brain control the pain signals.

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