5 Signs Your Man is Using You

This article gives you five warning signs to know that your man is using you.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: May 23, 2013
Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
5 Signs Your Man is Using You

5 Signs Your Man is Using You

The best way to know whether your man is using you is to listen to your instincts. Most women do a common mistake to repress their intuitions and  feelings. Below mentioned are five signs that your man is using you:


  1. Do your man continuously asks for money and always has some or the other excuse of not giving it back? Do you often find your men demanding expensive gifts? He routinely forget his wallet when both of you go out for shopping, movie or eating. If your answer is yes to all the questions then there is a big reason to worry about, he is definitely using you. Women tend to close their eyes to the obvious signs of unhealthy relationship. However it is wise to stop your ‘charity’ and don’t allow him use you.
  2. If you think that your relationship has not matured overtime and it is only you who is emotional about relationship. It is obvious that you are being used just for fun dates. Don’t hang out with a wrong guy and wait him to turn his back to you.
  3. Another possible sign that your man is using you is sudden and frequent change in schedule. Some men are spontaneous while the others have planned schedule. In both the cases there is a certain basic schedule which they follow. If you notice sudden changes in his schedule without any realistic reason then check his priorities.
  4. If your relationship is losing its charm and your man enjoys time with other people and activities. Take note of your emotional distance. Has he stopped listening or laughing with you?  See that whether your partner is emotionally involve in relationship or if he is only physically present with you. A man who is always busy and makes you wait for days before committing for a date is taking you for granted. If he thinks about his own needs then he is definitely not the right guy for long term relationship. Think again before moving on in your relationship.
  5. Your intuition is the most important way to figure out whether your man is using you. If your instinct is saying that there is something wrong that is grabbing off your man’s attention then listen yourself.


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