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Signs your best friend is in love with your boyfriend

Signs your best friend is in love with your boyfriend
Quick Bites
  • Love is uncertain; you don’t realize it and you start falling for someone.
  • Love is beautiful but not when it fosters infidelity.
  • A friend can start having feelings for the one you love.
  • No one has control over the matters of heart?

Love is uncertain; you don’t realize it and you start falling for someone. There are no signs of the upcoming events, you just fall for someone and you don’t even realize. Can you blame someone for falling in love? Do you think they intentionally started liking or loving someone? Love just happens, you don’t get any forewarning. It is like waking up one morning with a head full of pretty images of someone. Yes, falling in love with someone is inevitable. Love is beautiful, isn’t it? Not when it fosters infidelity.


Signs your best friend is in love with your boyfriend


Indeed, the sad truth about love is that often it gives birth to infidelity and the worst part is that if you are not the one betraying, there’s least you can do to avoid it. Yes, if someone has decided to cheat on you they will and at that time, nothing can stop them. Yes, people cheating don’t think it through; they are just in love and follow their heart that often leads them to cheat the one they once loved with all their hearts.

Your lover falling for someone else is a very common scenario but there is a scenario that is not a very common one, your friend falling for the one you love. Indeed it is true that you can still expect your lover to cheat on you but not your friend. Yes, the bond of friendship is considered much stronger than the bond of love. Who has control over the matters of heart? Well, No one. A friend can start having feelings for the one you love and it won’t be her fault at all as previously we told you that love just happens and it is inevitable.

However, there are some sure shot signs to tell if your friend is falling for your boyfriend.



He is always invited

Now, there’s no “Bestie time”, she never calls just you but him also. If she is planning a lunch or a movie, she would definitely want him to be there. You would not even realize but she will always make plans where calling your boyfriend would seem causally necessary. The time that you two used to spend together will now have your boyfriend in it.



She tries to impress him

Whenever you three meet, she tries to impress your guy. She will be at her funniest best; she will look for the chances to impress him. She will crack jokes, she will dress nicely, and she will showcase her best side.



They would hang out without you

You should take it as warning sign when they meet frequently and that too without you. It is good that your boyfriend and your friend are bonding but at the same time it is worrisome for you. Their closeness could be a sign your friend trying to be friendly with your boyfriend.



She texts or calls him at odd hours  

If you see her texts or calls in his phone at odd hours and she has no emergencies whatsoever. Late night calls and texts are what keep a relationship alive and fun; when you see her texts in his inbox in late hours, consider her trying to add fun to their so-called “friendship”. And if he has called her too, you should be worried.



She herself will throw in hints

Apart from her behavior towards him, her body language, her demeanor will speak a lot about her intentions. She won’t be able to be comfortable around you, no matter how good liar she is, she will always fumble. She will try and find out your love for your boyfriend as ultimately, she too would want to know the extremity of damage her actions would bring upon you and your relationship.


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Written by
Namrata Dutta
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamAug 03, 2016

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