10 Signs you must sleep

Updated at: Jul 19, 2011
10 Signs you must sleep

Insomnia Signs and Symptoms - Sleeping well is more important than people generally realise. Lack of sleep has been linked to many diseases. Know the signs of sleeplessness before it gets the better of your health.

Vatsal Anand
InsomniaWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jul 19, 2011

Woman sleepingLack of sleep has been linked to several health problems such as obesity, depression, weakening of immunity, constant irritability and irregular production of hormones. If the president of American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Mary Susan is to be believed, sleep is as important as food. Some people compromise their sleep for work or fun. But then it is essential to understand the importance of sleep.

Given below are 10 signs of sleeplessness you should not ignore –


  1. Not feeling hungry for lunch – If you do not get the pangs of hanger at lunchtime, know that something is wrong with your sleep. Since your biological clock is upset and becomes abnormal, strange reactions in the body occur.
  2. Overeating – This is another result of lack of sleep. During periods of sleeplessness, many people lose or gain weight because they either eat too much or do not feel hungry as mentioned above.
  3. Lack of focus – Sleeplessness spoils your concentration. You are likely to check your mail twice, look at three websites within 5 minutes and still be clueless about what to do.
  4. Memory Loss – Do you often complain about things like not recalling where you put your car keys? You brain needs to be refreshed and regain its focusing ability. Without it, you develop a problem of short term memory loss. It is much more advisable to get a good night’s sleep rather than burning the midnight oil for any reason.
  5. Difficulty in having a Conversation – If you find that going through with a conversation in a way which you normally expect is hampered; know that it is because you are still sleepy head. You will no longer be able to come up with witty one-liners.
  6. Bruxism – The problem of subconscious teeth grinding is called bruxism. It is not so much the effect of bad sleep as its cause. Visit a dentist immediately before it begins to hamper your sleep.
  7. Feeling drowsy when driving – Not having a sound sleep can put your life at risk. Being glazed by the computer screen or not performing well in a meeting is not too bad, but feeling sleepy when driving is a big no.
  8. Immune system takes a beating – Your immune system is adversely affected by sleeplessness. This is because it strengthens at the time you sleep. You might contract common infections more easily just because you did not take your 7 to 8 hours of normal sleep.
  9. Irritability – If you are feeling constantly irritated and your best friends and family members seem too bothersome, it may not be their fault. Just that you are too frustrated with lack of sleep.
  10. Tiredness – This is the obvious effect of not sleeping well. Gulping down caffeinated drinks or energy drinks help only for a while and you go headlong into sleepiness after some time.


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