Signs that you mean the world to him

Updated at: Jan 30, 2017
Signs that you mean the world to him

Instead of assuming things and being clueless about whether he loves you or not, be sure of it with these tell-tell signs that you mean world to him.

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"You mean the world to me..." He says and she blushes but how true are those words coming out of his mouth.


How do you know if the guy that you are in a relationship with loves you or even likes you? How do you tell if he is into you or not? People would say ‘I love’ and they would not mean even half of it, people will say they care for you when they don’t really care whether you exist or not, people will lie to you on your face. And if you are a woman in love with a guy, it becomes essential to know whether the guy you are giving your all to, is worth it.


You mean the world to him


With guys, the problem is that they are hardly expressive. You would mean the world to him and you would not get to know because he would not say anything.

So, instead of assuming things and being clueless about whether he loves you or not, be sure of it with these tell-tell signs that you mean world to him.


You know about his whereabouts, his plans and everything

You will always know about his whereabouts. Yes, wherever he goes he will make sure that you know. You would not have to nag him, he himself will tell you about his plans and where he is heading to. He will look genuinely look forward to tell you everything about his plans, about how his day went and where he will be and the best part is that you won’t have to ask for it.



He has cried in front of you

When a guy cries, it is something serious. Yes, guys rarely cry and when they are crying just in front of you or maybe just for you, they are pretty serious about you and for you.


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You are the priority

How would you know if you are his priority or not? Good morning and good night texts, he will call you whenever he gets time and if he does not get time, he makes time for you. You will find him calling you even when he is with his friends, even if for a minute but he will call you.



You will feel special when he is around

The way he will look at you, the way he will treat you when you are around will make you feel like you are the only thing all they have in their life is you.


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He hardly gets mad at you

Now, you will come across a lot of patient guys but then for how long would he be able to be patient. When you mean the world to him, he will take care of your mood swings on your period, he will take care of your crankiness, and he will try his best to turn your bad days into your best days.

Learn the art of reading a guy. There will be very tiny signs that he will throw at you, you need to catch them.



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