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Signs that you are the only one making efforts in your relationship

Dating By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 03, 2017
Signs that you are the only one making efforts in your relationship

Sometimes you end up in a relationship where you are just the only one making all the efforts and the other person is literally doing nothing at all to keep things together.

There are times when we are in a relationship where it is very lonely. Yes, you just read right. Sometimes you end up in a relationship where you are just the only one making all the efforts and the other person is laterally doing nothing at all to keep things together.


too much efforts


Every relationship require effort, even if everything is going just super smooth, you need to put in some efforts to keep things together but what if you are putting in all efforts and it is not even worth it. We all have been into such relationships where it was just us continuously working to keep the relationship working while the other person did not care to do anything at all.


Are you too in a relationship where it’s just you and only you doing things and making all the efforts? It so happens that we are in where we are just beating ourselves up for absolutely nothing, they seem emotionally unavailable, self centered and oblivious to your efforts.



You are the first

The one who texts first, the one who calls first and the one who asks for a meet is you and only you. You find yourself taking all the initiatives. They never call first or text first or ask you out, it’s you. From a good morning text to a good night text, it’s always you. For sure they are busy but if you can be the first one to call or text always, they can be too. You make time for them, they can do it too.



You always have time for them

No matter how busy you are, if they ask you to meet, you make time for it. Yes, when we love someone, we make time for them but it’s always you and not them. They never adjust their schedule to meet you because they are too busy. It never occurs to you but have they ever changed their schedule for you.



You cannot always count on them but they can

Whenever they are in need, they call you and it makes you feel better about yourself. You are a generous soul but what about you? Who do you call first when you are in need? It’s not them, for sure. Even you know you cannot count on them when in need but they can; and both of you are aware of the fact.



They seem to be too comfortable with disrespecting you

They hang up on you; they at times yell at you, they have even tried threatening you and they seem absolutely alright with it because you never object. Yes, if you need to draw some lines here, you cannot let people disrespect you and get away with it. Tell them; let them know that you cannot let them do it.


There’s only one advice for all of the people putting in too much effort for nothing in return, if you are not asking anything in return it’s good but if you are letting the other person be oblivious to your efforts, you are just being naïve. Take stand; know what’s right and what’s not.




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