Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Cancer in Children

Updated at: Jun 21, 2016
Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Cancer in Children

Signs and symptoms of kidney cancer in children include pain, bleeding and flu-like symptoms. These symptoms if identified early can be treated right away.

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signs symptoms of kidney cancer in children


Children are not very prone to develop kidney cancer, but if it occurs, it is referred to as Wilms' tumours or nephroblastomas. The signs and symptoms of Wilms’ tumour become prominent in due course.


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In children kidney cancer affects one one of their kidneys only. It is believed that the tumour formation in the child begins in womb. As the foetus begins to develop in the womb, the tumour also grows simultaneously. The various signs and symptoms of kidney cancer in children are:

Swelling in abdomen and pain

Abdominal swelling and pain is the most common symptom of kidney cancer in children. Due to the formation of tumour, a thick pulp of mass or lump appears in the child’s abdomen. When the size of Wilms’ tumour is small it hardly causes any pain to the child. This makes it hard to detect in initial stages. When the tumour grows in size it causes abdominal pain in the child. The most noticeable sign is the increase in the diaper size of the child. Sometimes bleeding occurs inside the tumours, resulting in unbearable abdominal pain.


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Blood in the urine

A child with Wilms’ tumours passes blood laden urine. This condition is called hematuria. The urine has reddish or pinkish colour due to presence of blood in it. The appearance of blood in the urine indicates that tumour has infected the kidney cells. Blood in urine shows infection in the excretion process. If any such condition appears, immediately rush to the doctor.

Flu-like symptoms

Children suffering from kidney cancer generally show symptoms similar to flu such as vomiting, nausea, fever and chills. Children with Wilms’ tumour also experience appetite loss, resulting in loss of weight. If the cancer has infected the respiratory organs such as lungs, coughing and breathlessness also occurs. The child’s intake of fluids also reduces. At first instance parents think of it as flu and overlook it, thus increasing its severity.


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Fever without any reason

Child with Wilms’ tumour suffers from recurrent fever for no apparent reason. The child suddenly develops fever and recovers by himself  soon. After fever the child undergoes heavy sweating and feels exhausted and tired. He is fatigued and very weak after the fever.

These are some of the few recognisable signs and symptoms of kidney cancer in children. These signs and symptoms are not very prominent and could be due to some other infections as well. If a child develops any of the above symptoms, immediately take a doctor’s advice. If these symptoms are diagnosed at an early stage as those of  kidney cancer, it can be cured completely.

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