Signs of a Sexually Abusive Relationship

Feb 24, 2012

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Signs of a sexually abusive relationshipSexual Abuse in a relationship ascribes to the behavioural change of a partner towards other, who forces sexual activity or demands for it without will of other. In this relationship, victim is also assaulted physically on several body parts by the abuser. Apart from physical violence, abuse can also be emotional and financial in nature. Some of the common reported cases are angry man hitting his wife or girlfriend.

In the scenario, partner coerce you to have involve into sexual pursuit, only to make you upset or stressed out. Abuser continues to interfere in all issues, like on your spending or getting involved in your work life. One of the reasons of his persistent abuses is to seclude you from society, so that he can control you.

Recovering from sexually abusive relationship could be a difficult task. Although, guidance and help of right counsellor will help you get out of the trauma. For this, you need to be decisive that you need respect and better treatment from your partner.

Signs of Sexually Abusive Relationship

  • Forced Sexual Activity

Most prominent sign of a sexually abusive relationship is forced sexual activity, wherein a person demands engaging in sexual activity. Physically forcing someone to engage in sexual intercourse brings aggressive and violent intent. Generally, the abuser demands it after physical assault on a partner. Moreover, abuser uses several abusive remarks to lower self-esteem of the partner.

  • Enforcing Drug Use

In some of the reported case of sexual abusive relationships, abuser forces partner for drug usage for easy submission. Sabotaging partner with indulgence in drugs or alcohol, abuser gets easy control of the events. This is often followed by forced sex with the abuser.

  • Restricting Social Life

Restricting social life of a partner or cutting you off from pals and families is another reflection of sexual abuse. Abuser cuts you from your social network so as to weaken you. Moreover, abuser keeps watch of all the social activities the partner engages in, which also include checking out phone history. In other words, restrictions in social life, tracking of daily activities, controlling money and persistent stalking are all signs of you being abused.

  • Accusations

Abuser won’t let go half-chances to make accusations on you in order to hurt you mentally and emotionally. These accusations are usually the reasons to initiate physical or sexual violence.


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