Does Your Partner Have Fear Of Commitment? Signs Of Commitment Phobic People

Updated at: Jun 27, 2020
Does Your Partner Have Fear Of Commitment? Signs Of Commitment Phobic People

Do you doubt that your partner is commitment phobic? Here are helpful tips to clear your doubts.

Chanchal Sengar
DatingWritten by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 27, 2020

The ultimate destination of a committed relationship is marriage. When two people are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, they take the next step which is walking down the aisle. However, this is certainly not the case with every relationship. Sometimes people aren’t really willing to commit whereas in some cases, one of them is commitment-phobic. Some people have this fear of commitment wherein despite dearly loving the partner, they end up not committing to them. Being in a relationship is challenging with these people and thinking about the future together is tougher. Does your partner try to avoid physical meets? Does he/she avoid the topic of the future? It could be due to this phobia.

What is Commitment Phobia?

People often mistook commitment-phobic people to be cheater while it is not true. They are just not ready to commit to something owing to the fear inside them. Also, this is treatable with the help of close people and therapies. They are lovable, loyal and honest in their relationship but the fear holds them from committing. If you want to know if your partner is a commitment-phobe, check these signs.

Signs of Commitment Phobic People

1. Past relationship track record

Who is commitment phobic now may have been the same in the past also. If he has opened up about their past to you, check if there was this non-committal point in them. They may have ended on this note if the person is actually gamophobic. In order to not commit, he/she may have broken up over petty issues.

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2. They avoid future discussions

Have you ever tried to make future plans with him/her? When you strike a conversation about the future together, your partner would try to avoid the topic or make excuses. No matter what, they won’t commit to you. This is one of the major signs of commitment phobia or Gamophobia.

3. He/she won’t accept their fault

Besides ignoring future talks, they would never accept their condition. They would never accept that they are commitment phobic or any of their fault. They would argue but not admit. Instead, they would blame others for this. Some people also become demanding. They demand space in their life.

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4. Their conversations include maybe and maybe not

Commitment phobia also comes with indecisiveness. These people cannot firmly stand on one thing let alone decide. In case of relationships, their sentences have more use of words like maybe, maybe not, I might, I might not, etc. These are signs of his indecisive nature and inability to commit.

5. They maintain distance

How many times do you need to convince your partner to go out for dinners and parties? These people avoid gathering as much as they can. Gamphobic people also find it hard to make new connections, especially with the opposite gender. Even with you, they like to stay on call more than physical meetings. All in all, they avoid direct contact. you’d also find them avoiding eye contact which speaks of their condition.

You can help them by providing lover, care and support. It may require little extra effort but it can be done.

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