Signs of a Healthy Dating Relationship

Updated at: Jan 10, 2014
Signs of a Healthy Dating Relationship

Signs of a healthy dating relationship - Love, trust and security are important signs of a healthy dating relationship. Here are some of the points by which you can find out whether you are in a healthy dating relationship or not.

Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: May 05, 2011

Healthy dating relationships are quite similar to friendships. They demand respect, honesty and good communication. However, in dating relationships you have more ways of showing your care. For instance, you can show your love by holding hands, kissing and hugging.


An important sign of a healthy relationship is that it makes you happy. Besides this if you are involved in healthy dating, you feel safe and secure. Some other signs of healthy dating include:


  • In a recent survey, it was found out that both men and women consider friendship to be a vital ingredient of a dating relation. If you feel that you are best buddies and have genuine likeness for each other then you are surely in a healthy relationship.
  • Good communication is the key to every successful relationship and dating is not an exception to that.  In a healthy dating relationship you can tell each other anything with ease. You don’t fear that your partner will be judgemental.
  • The differences that arise in your relationship are easily sorted out. Both of you know how to resolve conflicts amongst yourselves.
  • Both the partners trust each other and support each other’s goals. They constantly provide support and courage to their partner.
  • You love to smile and cry together.
  • Romantic feelings are important components of dating. However if you are in a healthy dating relationship, the feeling of comfort and satisfaction are experienced even more.
  • Another sign of a healthy dating relationship is that you will feel that your partner truly knows you. In addition to this both of you see each other to be the perfect match.
  • Honesty is very important for a healthy relationship. Both the partners need to be honest and believe on the other person’s honesty. If you are giving respect to each other’s freedom and giving space to your partner then surely you are happy in your relationship.
  • Emotional dependence is a healthy sign. Enjoying a good time together and even the time when you are apart is important for a good relationship.
  • In a healthy dating relationship you can totally depend on your partner. However, in a bad relationship you find it very difficult to rely on each other.
  • Sharing joy and happiness with each other is the essence of a good relationship.


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