Side Effects of Weight Gain Powder

Updated at: Dec 23, 2011
Side Effects of Weight Gain Powder

Weight gain powders are a relatively new phenomenon and studies affirming its long term impact have not been accredited.

Mallika Singh
Weight ManagementWritten by: Mallika SinghPublished at: Dec 23, 2011


Body supplements are dietary supplements used majorly by body builders and athletes. Numerous body supplements can be used as meal replacements to gain weight. Weight gain powder is sold as a single unit or in stacks.

Weight gain powders are a relatively new phenomenon and studies affirming its long term impact have not been accredited. But it is also not possible to affirmatively state that no side effects have been reported for weight gain powders in the market. 

Listed below are some of the side effects associated with weight gain powders

Kidney Stones

Kidney damage is one of a high risk side effect predominantly associated with people who take creatine. Kidney stones under this condition have a high possibility of being bulks of creatine and calcium. A urine test will ideally identify high levels of creatine in the sample which would be indicative of kidney stones. Through the weight gain powder is not a cause of kidney stones but may prove to be fatal if your body hormones make you susceptible to it.

Liver Damage

Liver problems are common amongst people taking weight gain powders. It is proven to be a catalyst but can be prevent by intake of lots of water similar, just as in the case of kidney stones. Weight loss powders are harmful for the liver and if consumed with alcohol, they can be fatal.

Breathing Problems

People consuming weight gain powders report of breathing problems which may at times lead to coughing, repeated sneezing or in worse cases wheezing or even asthma. If you already have breathing problems don’t take weight related supplements without consulting a doctor.


Inability to synthesise weight gain hormones

The fear faced by people is usually that the body will be unable to synthesise weight gain hormones naturally. Though unproven, it is commonly diagnosed amongst consumers of weight gain powders. This would result in a need to rely on weight gain supplements indefinitely.

Nausea and Diarrhoea

These are minor side effects but are uncommon. This usually occurs when weight gain powders are not fully dissolved in the stomach. Switching the dosage after consulting with the doctor will ease these side effects.


Muscle Pulls and Cramps

This usually happens when people train too exhaustively based on unrealistic expectations along with weight gain powder. Muscle cramps usually occur owing to a lack of sufficient fluids, ensure you take juices, glucose and energy drinks during your period of consumption of weight gain powders.


Dehydration and Heat Intolerance

The risk of dehydration has been reported to anecdotally increase but studies to prove the same have not been plausible. It is best to prevent this and rule out the possibility of this side effect by drinking lots of water.



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