Side-effects of Rapid Weight Loss

Updated at: Apr 03, 2013
Side-effects of Rapid Weight Loss

You may feel the thrill of losing weight in a rapid fashion, however there are side effects that may harm you. Here are the possible side effects of losing weight rapidly.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Weight ManagementWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Dec 11, 2012

Side effects of Rapid Weight Loss

Weight loss is a life style obsession for people of the modern world, with fat burners, gym, yoga, and a host of other ways to our credit. Losing extra weight in a rapid manner feels good, you should however; contemplate the result of losing so much weight so fast. You must realise that your health is at great risk when you are losing weight so fast.


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Muscle Loss: While it is good that you are losing fat, you also need to address the fact that you are losing lot of your muscle. By losing so much weight so fast could actually lead you to lose water and lean tissue instead. Your body muscle is the one which is plays a role in keeping you lean and fit, and by losing muscle and retaining the fat, you will lose all definition of your body. Also, you may be dieting and so by cutting down on your calorie intake drastically, you tend to lose muscle and hence in this your metabolism slows down.

Gallstones: For most obese people, the formation of gallstones is a common occurrence. While it is true that by losing weight you are helping yourself to lower the risk of developing gallstones, you must also keep in mind that by losing weight too fast you may in fact increase the risk. Also, when you are losing weight rapidly you may be developing silent gallstones which don’t show any clear symptoms but can pose as a serious threat and damage your body.


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Lack of Energy: It is obvious that if you are losing so much weight so fast you are probably going for a crash diet and thus your calorie intake falls drastically. Therefore, this will lead you to feel tired, weak and sluggish physically and also mentally. Stop the crash diet, as it is no good for you other than having a an adverse effect on your health; not eating food is not the right way to go about it, instead eat the right things, avoid fatty foods, and go for lean protein.


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Other Effects: There can be other side-effects that a rapid weight loss will have on you.

  • Hair Loss: Your hair is made up of a protein called keratin, and so needless to say that your hair needs protein. A lack of which will lead to hair fall, you must eat food that are protein rich.
  • Hanging Skin: No one wants this, not even when they are 60, so why would you? But, the unfortunate news is that by losing weight rapidly you are increasing chances of your letting your skin hanging, as the skin, your skin which is stretched due the fat, takes some time to tighten itself around the body.

Your journey to weight loss can never be easy; no one said it ever would! So, buck up and do it the right way.


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