Side Effects of Massage Therapy

Updated at: Mar 21, 2014
Side Effects of Massage Therapy

Sometimes massage therapy can cause serious side-effect. This usually happens when the person chooses inappropriate technique or is not done by professional.

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Massage therapy has become the latest mode for relaxation, but it has always existed in various cultures around the world. In the modern times people even use massage therapy when they suffer from health related issues. This unconventional therapy is great by all means, but can pose as a threat sometimes.

Massage therapies can often cause unprecedented damage if it is done by an unprofessional masseuse or if the person chooses the wrong massage technique which is contrary to their body type. In such cases, the initial relaxation can lead to damage of the skin and the tissues present in muscles. Listed below are a few side effects for massage therapy that every person should be aware of before opting for the massage treatment:

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The Wrong Massage

Every individual is blessed with a different body type. Choosing a wrong massage therapy directly affects the skin as the friction caused in the skin can lead to the enlargement of the blood vessels underneath the skin. Therefore, do make sure that you choose the right massage therapy suiting your body type. Another side effect of choosing an inappropriate massage therapy is that the massage might stimulate the oil glands present in the skin leading to excessive of sweating. One must always discuss or get their skin type tested in order to get the best out of every massage therapy session.

If one does not consult a therapist, then the side effects are bound to occur. One must share and assess the body type and ailment history before deciding on the massage therapy. People suffering from ringworm, warts, blisters and burns should avoid opting for massage therapies as the oils used and the pressure required for the massage can aggravate the condition without notice.

Soreness of Muscles

The worst side effect of massage therapies can be an increase in the soreness of the muscles. This often affects the skeletal system of the body leading to decreased flexibility. Damaged skeletal system would further fail in mineral retention in the body leading to osteoporosis, ligament sprain and muscle cramping. This can further lead to delay in the healing of fractures as well.

Threat to Nervous System

At times, a serious side effect can cause damaging of the nervous system. However, individuals who opt for frequent massage therapies witness an increase in the endorphin levels in the body which can trigger pain in the slightest instance. This is also known as nerve entrapment which can lead to strokes in an advanced stage.

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Cancer Patient Scare

While cancer patients are often asked to take massage therapy some may feel that there could be certain threats to it. It is important for cancer patients to consult their doctors and oncologist before going through a massage therapy that involved intense and deep pressure. This is because any direct pressure to an existing tumour can pose as a threat and this is why any direct pressure over a tumour is very much discouraged. It is very important for cancer patients to discuss about getting a therapy before going for one.

Avoid Vigorous Massage

It is very important that you avoid any type of vigorous massages if you have any type of bleeding disorders or even low blood platelet counts, and if you are taking blood thinning medications.

Keep in mind the above points before your relaxation expedition turns into a nightmare!

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