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Should People Wait for Marriage to Have Sex?

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 03, 2012
Should People Wait for Marriage to Have Sex?

Sex before marriage exposes a person to the kind of intimacy that his or her partner likes. Sex with a person for the first time no matter how experienced either one is, is uncomfortable.

Should People Wait for Marriage to Have Sex

Whether an individual should have sex before or after marriage is hotly debated. While there are multiple pros to sex before marriage, it also has many cons though that is not to say that they are same for everyone. Being individuals, all of us have our own social and cultural believes that we must uphold. Here is a comprehension of the pros of sex after and before marriage to let the air of decision-making be at the discretion of your call.

Pros of sex after Marriage

Sex before marriage holds the belief that it is a powerful force that can exert positive energy if followed the right way and exert negative energy if followed the wrong way, sacred. It deepens the companionship with one’s spouse to procreate new life.

Women are bound by the thread of secure and peaceful marriage, which suppresses their sexual desire to have sex before marriage. This helps the women to rid the worry of unwanted pregnancy, fear of being caught and guilt consciousness and thereby, enjoy post marital sex to its fullest.

Indulging in sex after marriage helps one uphold the most important thing in a couple’s sexual life: virginity. Once you have given it to someone else before marriage, there is nothing you can do about getting it back for your spouse.

Sex after marriage helps you to be devoid of running into the risk of giving birth to illegitimate children and therefore, puts away the risk of raising psychologically ill children. Studies done through generations have shown that teenagers or adults, who indulge in sexual activity before marriage, arrest their social, psychological and academic development. Premarital sex hits their academic performance and social relationships with friends and family. Sex after marriage protects an individual from such social and psychological stigma.

Pros of sex before Marriage

Having sex before marriage helps a couple to explore each other’s sexual compatibility. Considering that sex is an important part of marriage, an individual surely doesn’t want to compensate it for the sake of keeping the bond of marriage alive. As is believed, marriage without sex is an insipid relationship.

Sex before marriage exposes a person to the kind of intimacy that his or her partner likes. Sex with a person for the first time no matter how experienced either one is, is uncomfortable.  Therefore, having had sex before marriage helps in making sex life better after marriage. This, however, works if a romantic relationship transcends into marriage.

Sex before marriage gives you plenty of time to learn. Well, only if you want your partner to think you are good at it.


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