Shenaz Treasurywala: A lover of sunsets and thunder thighs!

Apr 02, 2012

Quick Bites:
  • Shenaz Treasurywala likes to dance, read and listen to music.
  • She loves to watch sunsets.
  • She believes that short skirts are like stock prices, the higher the riskier.
  • She never skips her breakfast.

Eat right, exercise well and?

Stay creative, watch the sunset, plant trees, read, spread love, dance, listen to music.




How many sit-ups does it take to get perfect washboard abs?

I don't know. Ask Shahid Kapoor!


Favourite pick-up line?

The last one I heard was
"You are a swell dish. I think I'm gonna go for you". That made me want to run to the bathroom and puke.


Short skirts are like?

Stock prices; the higher they go, the riskier it gets!


Three things you can't get through the day without?

Breakfast, checking my email, and doing some sort of outdoor activity.


What is the only answer to the question, "Does this make me look fat?"

If I'm asking you, I want to know the truth. So, be honest.


Thunder thighs are...

Kinda sexy. I think most men secretly like full thighs.


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