Shake hands with healthkart and nykaa to get a charming personality

Updated at: Mar 04, 2016
Shake hands with healthkart and nykaa to get a charming personality

“Where there is health, there is beauty,” and in today’s date, both health and beauty are the primary concern to take care of, for every human. However due to the busy lifestyle, we don’t get much time to take proper car

Ruchi Gupta
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Ruchi GuptaPublished at: Mar 04, 2016

“Where there is health, there is beauty,” and in today’s date, both health and beauty are the primary concern to take care of, for every human. However due to the busy lifestyle, we don’t get much time to take proper care of our health, diet or our beauty.





As a result, we have all become unhealthy with so many health issues and are depended wholly on the makeup products to appear beautiful. On the other side, you can also notice that many of us have become conscious of it too and have started taking measures to maintain a balanced health for our healthy future.



When you go out for the morning walk, you can notice the number of people increasing every day in the park near your home. They are of all age and very conscious about maintaining a proper health and stay fit. Not only fit, but people are now concerned about maintaining their natural beauty as well. No matter whether a girl or a boy, everyone is conscious of looking attractive.

“Beauty is health. Health is beauty,” says André Leon Talley, the former American editor-at-large for Vogue magazine. Looking into today’s growing demand, the health and beauty related companies like Healthkart and Nykaa have come into the scene with their various products. They bring for us the daily supplements, health products, beauty products to cope up with the busy lifestyle and stay fit and glamorous throughout.


No one has much time to go and spend time in the gym or the park, or to use some homemade recipes for your hair and skin issues. You can now easily purchase the health supplements and beauty products to maintain your vibrant health all the time without many hassles. Moreover, you can also get them at a reasonable price and additional discount benefits on using the Healthkart or the Nykaa coupons while making payment.

Top 5 Health Supplements Which is a Must in Our Daily Lives


Top 5 supplements


Weight Management

Morning walks, gym, yoga and dance classes have all become very popular these days since the people have become conscious about their health. Everyone need a perfect body to look attractive. The charming personality is what everybody needs these days and can go to any extent to own one. However, the busy schedule doesn’t give them much time to take proper care of themselves.


So Healthkart brings you some essential weight loss supplements or body mass gain supplements for weight loss/ gain and helps you achieve your targets to look perfect. Someone was right when he said, “Be active, be healthy and be happy.”



Skin Care

“Being nourished is beautiful.” Your skin will look healthy and glowing only if you handle it correctly by giving it essential nourishments. Eating fruits, green leafy vegetables, and healthy food will help nourish your skin and bring a glow to it. The busy life routine, however, brings all the skin problems like acne, pimples, wrinkles, etc. with time spoiling the glow of our face.


You can buy the crèmes and lotions made especially for the treatment of such skin problems from Healthkart. Especially when your skin specialist has recommended you some medicated lotion which you are not getting in the medical store near your home, you can easily get the same from Healthkart without many hassles. Moreover, the Healthkart coupons will help you avail additional discount benefits and save your pockets.


Hair Troubles

Hair loss, dandruff, gray hair is a nightmare for all in today’s date. From homemade remedies to the chemical ones, we all have tried but of no use. The hair problems are caused mainly from internal then it comes to the external causes such as pollution, heat treatments, etc. we need to treat the internal causes first before we treat the external causes for our hair troubles.


We can take some capsules for dandruff, hair loss, and better hair growth to prevent these problems. In next step, you can go for the external treatment by using the specialized shampoos and hair oil for controlling the hair problems. You can buy them at a reasonable price range from Healthkart and save your time and money.

Vitamin/ Protein Supplements

We all need the essential vitamins and protein in our body in a certain quantity daily. We can take certain food elements to get proper supply of vitamins and protein for our body. However, we cannot take all of them together in one single day in the form of food. Instead, we can take the supplements that contain all the essential vitamins for our body.

Healthkart brings a varied range of protein supplements and vitamin supplements for us. Especially for the aged persons who cannot digest the food easily can take these supplements to get a proper amount of vitamins and protein to keep their body fit and healthy.


Ayurveda and Herbs

Ayurveda is something which is a treasure of Indians since long back. The days when no chemical medicines were invented, the treatment was done through Ayurveda. The natural elements on earth were used to treat all types of diseases. However, with time, no one took much interested in learning the Ayurveda treatment.

They are the best treatments to date and can cure a lot of diseases even now. Healthkart has brought the age-old Ayurveda remedies for you in the form of various products for you to treat your problems in a natural way. You can buy them at a reasonable price and get treated the natural way for all your problems like weight loss, weight gain, hair fall, dandruff, acne, pimples or any other health and beauty issues.

Top 5 Beauty Essentials That Everyone Can Use Regularly

top 5 beauty essentials


Cleansers & Scrubs

Youth is something which does not remain with us all the time. You need to take proper care of it by maintaining the glow and charm of our face. The pollution, dust, impurities cause skin problems which should be cleaned to keep the beauty and suppleness of our skin.


You can purchase the cleansers or scrubbers to wash your face every day to clean away all the impurities harming your skin’s pores. Nykaa has a broad range of face cleaning products including face wash, cleansers, scrubs from all the brands at a reasonable price range.

Moisturizers, Creams/ Lotions

You can keep your skin soft and supple with the help of moisturizers and lotions. The creams assist the dust and impurities away from entering your pores and harming it further. You can use the creams as per your skin type, complexion and the occasion to get a fresh look. There are a variety of creams, moisturizers and lotions available online.


You can choose from a varied range of products from the Nykaa store and avail additional discount benefits by using the Nykaa coupons while making the payment.

Hair Care

Hair styling gels, shampoos, accessories are all which you keep looking for to look like your favorite celebrity. The best hairdo can give you altogether a very different look. You can look glamorous with just a perfect hairstyle suiting your charming personality. The shampoos’, hair oils, serums, gels, creams, and masks are all that we need for the perfect hair care regularly.


You can buy them all at a pocket-friendly price from Nykaa instead of roaming around in the streets to search for the required brand or the product related to hair care.

Sun Shields

The sun rays are the most harmful to the skin and hair and bring damage to it. The UV Rays can cause harm to our sensitive skin when it is exposed out in the sun. It is recommended to keep yourself protected whenever you go out in the sun. You can cover yourself with the scarves to protect from the direct heat and sun rays.


You can use the sunscreen lotions, heat protectants, UV Rays protecting creams and other sun shield products to save your skin and hair from the harmful sun rays. Nykaa has a broad range of sun shields products at a budget friendly price with additional offers and discounts for every purchase.

Herbal Beauty

Homemade remedies are always the best to protect yourself from all beauty troubles. You can make a simple cream at home to cure the damaged skin or hair and protect it from getting damaged further.


You can use the herbal makeup essentials like kajal, lip balm, nail paint, etc., hair oil, serums, gels, body lotions and other products and buy them from the Nykaa store at a minimal price range. Moreover, you can use the Nykaa offers to get additional discount benefits on your purchases to save more money.

Now you can take better care of yourself with the varied range of products from Healthkart and Nykaa and get great discounts. You can spend less time on your body care with such efficient and useful products at a money savior price range. So just take some time out of your busy lifestyle and become friends with the online sites to purchase the health and beauty products and pamper yourself.


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