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Sexual Problems in Older Men

Snr By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 27, 2012
Sexual Problems in Older Men

Sex problems in men become common as they age. Apart from sexual dysfunctions, men also experience change in sexual behaviour.

Sexual problems in older men

Sexual issues become more prominent in older men, although inevitable could arise at any point of time. Majority of the sexual dysfunctions reported in men happen due to drop in the level of testosterone. One of the commonest sexual disorders observed in aged men is erectile difficulty, also known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Cause of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

There is no specific cause of this sexual disorder, which could also arise due to physical or psychological aspects apart from health concerns. Some of the commonly identified reasons for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are cardiovascular diseases, tissue damage and physiological factors. In order to figure out certainty of the dysfunction, one should consult physician or sexologist.
Dip in Testosterone Level

Sexual disorders become evident with the drop in testosterone level. Lowered testosterone level cause concerns such as erections taking longer to occur, more gap within recovery time, decrease in ejaculation power and dip in sexual desire. Testosterone replacement therapy has come up with the rise in toll of cases with decreased testosterone level. Due to its complications, the medical therapy is not recommended. The safe manner to maintain testosterone level is by increasing muscle mass by engaging in exercise and a healthy diet plan.

Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes

Blood circulation is another health concern, which firms its grasp in later stages of life. With the decrease in blood circulation, arteries become narrower and harder. This raises sexual complications pertaining to erection, as erection of male reproductive organ depends on the blood filled in it. High blood pressure along with other cardiovascular ailments bring change in sexual performance.

Diabetics can also impact sexual life in later stages, which is one of the reasons of impotence. Studies confirm that men with diabetes are three times more vulnerable to erectile dysfunction than other men. These men are at the risk of sexual disorder 15 years earlier than men without diabetes.

Health Conditions

There are several health conditions to restrict the sexual performance in older men; among these are arthritis, back pain and shingles. Persistent pain could be one of the reasons of average or under performance in sexual pursuit. These health conditions can also your mood, sleep habits and attitudes, making it more uncomfortable for you to perform.

Medications prescribed for health conditions, which include pressure medicines, antidepressants and diabetes drugs, also make inroads in sexual life.


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