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Sexual intimacy with an HIV positive

Snr By Sharanya Manola , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 02, 2013
Sexual intimacy with an HIV positive

An estimated 2 million people die due to AIDS every year. We don’t want you to be counted as one in the million. So practice safe sex; take care and be taken care of.

HIV infected Asha Ramaiah, who is a Coordinator at National Women’s Forum and founder member of Karnataka Network of Positive People tells us that there is no reason why a person who is suffering from AIDS cannot have a perfectly normal life.

Further she warns, “As a precaution, one must avoid deep kissing if their partner has sores around mouth, blood in saliva, ulcers or suffers from gum disease. Never allow any kind of bodily fluids to come in close contact with mucous membranes of your mouth, vagina and anus.”

HIV infected

In our research, doctors disclosed that most of their patients are reluctant to reveal their HIV statuses to their partners, but this, they say, is the worst thing that one can do. Suffering from AIDS is no longer a taboo in our increasingly open world, and it is in the best interest of both partners to know each other’s HIV status.

Dr. Sadhna Kala, gynaecologist at Moolchand Hospital says, “Counseling of HIV infected patients is a must if they insist on starting a family because biologically virus transmission does happen. Moreover, even limited intercourse during ovulation poses a risk of virus transmission.”

Points to remember

Safe sex: HIV is transmitted through body fluids – blood, cum, pre-cum, vaginal and cervical fluid. But during vaginal intercourse if you’re using condoms, then the chances of HIV dips down to 90%. So, using condoms even if the HIV infected partner is under medication, you can reduce the risk of transmitting HIV if not completely eliminate it.


To break the myth that oral sex doesn’t transmit HIV a study done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concludes that near about 8% newly infected men had been infected by the virus through oral sex.

Uninfected partner at risk: It’s better for the latter to strike a conversation and know HIV status of their (infected) partner. Ask about the virus load and CD4 count.

Before starting a family: Those who don’t want to adopt and want to conceive naturally must think of in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination. Talk it out with your doctor!

If both partners are infected: HIV might manifest itself into a secondary form of HIV that might as well be drug resistant.

According to the fact file of WHO – this retrovirus is considered to be a killer on prowl swallowing approximately more than 27 million lives. In fact around an estimated 2 million people die from this disease every year. We don’t want you to be counted as one in the million. So practice safe sex; take care and be taken care of.



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