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Sexual Boredom in Marriage

Snr By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 31, 2013
Sexual Boredom in Marriage

In a society soaked with sexual imagery, it seems rather bizarre that some people have no desire for sex. But it is a startlingly widespread problem. Causing much heartache to the other partner, reasons can be well credited to the modern hustle-bustle of our daily lives.


No wonder, relationship expert advice us on just having our breakfast together to strengthen the lose bonds, but what about sex – have we seriously forgotten pillow talks, passionate love-making, sneaking out in a hotel room just for one night?


Here are some of the factors which are your possible sex-stealers


Emotional Cheating: That relationships are complicated is not exactly breaking news to any of us, and that is why the slender thread of trust that keeps the relationship together needs to be preserved and nurtured constantly. The relationship can enter extremely choppy waters when one of the partners strays from the straight and narrow. But can being ‘close’ to someone of your partner’s sex (other than your partner, of course!) count as ‘cheating’ if there are no sexual relations involved? Yes. Welcome to the world of emotional cheating.


Is your spouse spending a lot of time online, on the phone, or at or after work with someone else who’s “just a friend”? You may be a victim of emotional cheating.


Unfaithful virtual connect: In the age of the anonymous internet, it is easy to share intimate information about yourself over a chat window online with a complete stranger.


And sometimes, it just feels really nice to have let some steam off. This only gets dangerous when the friendship becomes the proverbial ‘something more’. It is easy to sustain this sort of relationship over the internet because it does not involve meeting up or dealing with any of the irritating aspects of each other. One can end up creating a mental image of the perfection of the person at the other end of the internet connection and believing in this fantasy. Such a relationship is, of course, harder to detect, but the damage it can cause is identical. Dealing with online emotional cheating can be hard, but it is easier to prevent it if you can see it coming. Encourage your spouse to talk about their online friendships, why they seem to need them, and whether they are getting more...shall we say... serious.


Office romance: This can be anybody’s (your) story. One fine morning, cupid stroked his best arrow straight to ones heart, nevertheless, one cannot move an inch because of being webbed with either office dating policies or work pressure. We all have waved goodbye to the era when dating a co-worker was a hush hush concern. Now days, when you spend 40 to 60 percent of your life in an office, work place dating and romance has become more or less a universal phenomenon.


Contrary to what women’s magazines have told you for years, men don’t always want more sex than women. So, there’re the sex starved marriages in which women are the starved party. But either way, this is a real, serious issue that couples are facing these days, and if survey reports are to be believed, the number of divorces based on sexual dissatisfaction is only growing.




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