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Sex Facts and Fiction knowhow

Snr By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 31, 2013
Sex Facts and Fiction knowhow

Sexuality can be considered in fact as a continuing education but the facts on sex can be difficult to get as there are several fiction surrounding this topic.

Sex Fact and FictionIn movies people fall in love, walk hand in hand into the sunset, and you get the impression that intimacy is but natural once you fall in love, and happy and contented sex follows that. But this is total myth.

In reality experts say that sex is something a person learns over a period of time. Sexuality can be considered in fact as a continuing education but the facts on sex can be difficult to get as there are several myths surrounding this topic. The common impasses on sexuality are---What is the normal size of the penis? How long does an intercourse last? Do men have multiple orgasms? Is there a G-spot exist?


Penis Size: The Facts on it

According to experts most men and women equate masculinity and power with penis size. But in fact there is no relationship between masculinity and penis size. Many sexual health educator and consultants say that several patients want to increase their penis size. For most women penis size doesn't matter but some women do prefer a bigger penis.

But what is a big penis? What is the size of a normal male penis?

  • Average male penis is about five and six inches long when erect.
  • A flaccid male organ is about three and a half inches.

Sex experts say that the idea that a long penis is the most important for sexual satisfaction causes most of the men's sexual problems. The fact is that penis is the not the only way for sexual satisfaction of partners. In a study women reached orgasm about 25% of the time with intercourse, where as they reached orgasm 81% of the time during oral sex.

Even though experts consider that penis size is not important men still crave for longer penis and keep wishing for the mythical, mammoth-sized member.


G-Spot: The Facts on it

The G-Spot of a woman is a much-debated topic. The G-spot or the erogenous zone in the anterior vaginal wall of a woman is named after a German doctor, Ernst Gräfenberg. The G-spot is situated behind the pubic bone and some people consider it to be trigger for a vaginal (vs. clitoral) orgasm, which can even cause female ejaculation. But many people consider the G-spot as a perpetuating the myth.

Urological surgeons say that there just isn't anything behind the pubic bone the so-called area where the G-spot is considered to be located. However focusing only on the G-spot for sexual pleasure and excluding of the rest of a woman's body is not sensible. So the clitoris, urethra, and vagina should be considered as one unit as all are intimately related.

A woman’s erogenous zone is a tremendously exciting topic. The G-spot's existence and it’s importance for sexual satisfaction in woman depends on whom you ask.


Premature Ejaculation: How Premature Is Premature

How long will I be able to last? How long should I last? This is another major male anxiety and a leading sex myth. According to experts premature ejaculation is the commonest cause of sexual dysfunction especially in younger men. The prevalence of premature ejaculation is about 20% to 30% in men of all ages.

The "intravaginal ejaculatory latency time" (IELT) or the time from vaginal penetration until ejaculation occurs can be measured. But the IELT doesn't have much significance. Some men may ejaculate within a minute of penetration but are sexually satisfied and don't think they have premature ejaculation. Where as some men who are able to last for 20 minutes may think they have premature ejaculation.

The bottom line is that what is considered as "premature ejaculation" possibly depends on the perception of the beholder, his sexual satisfaction and his ability to control ejaculation. The common cut off time that is used to define premature ejaculation is about two minutes.

If you believe you have premature ejaculation and are not sat...


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