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Sex with Ex: Best to avoid

Snr By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 31, 2013
Sex with Ex: Best to avoid

Break ups are hard. We all know that. The end of something that seemed eternal, with someone you thought you loved can leave the best of us as emotional wrecks. The very thought of not having the security of the relationship and the partner we spent so much time and emotion on can be a deep, deep hole of depression to fall through. In such a situation, when an option of sex with the aforementioned ex comes up, it can be a hard decision to take.


The trickiest part of a break up is the part immediately after it. It’s when you actually begin to wonder if you took the right decision, miss the ex in question, and generally begin to figure out how hard it can be for a single person out there. And sometimes, when the feelings of conflict and emotions from the break up remain unresolved, sex with the ex can feel like a bit of stability and familiarity in otherwise hostile world. But such an enterprise should be deliberated upon before being embarked upon.


Sex with your ex may seem like a wonderful idea for several reasons, not least of all because of the security and comfort levels we have with them. After the amount of emotions invested in them, it is just comfortable to be with someone who “gets” you. But the down side of it can be devastating to any moving on that you may be trying to achieve, especially if you have broken up recently. Sexual closeness can bring back all the emotion that you have probably been trying to get over. Moreover, the comfort and pleasure of it can cause to forget what it was that you broke up about. You must remember that whatever it was that you found unbearable that time has probably not changed at all, and you may be letting yourself back into the turmoil you just managed to extricate yourself out of.


Of course, the game is different if you are capable of keeping your feelings in check and just want sex for the sake of it, but even here there is the danger that your ex doesn’t share your nonchalance and still harbours deeper feelings for you. It is always likely for one or both of you to get hurt by one rash ill-thought out incident. Another danger is that while you may think that its “just sex”, the actual having sex part is capable of bringing back the entire flood of emotions and memories that you are trying to get over or have managed to get over.


The worst repercussion of sex with an ex is on your current partner who will probably just be left to wonder what went wrong in your relationship. It is foolish to jeopardize what you have over what you have already lost. It is hard to get over someone, as you probably already know. But it is harder to accept having been cheated on. Your current partner probably doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. So, before you decide to leap into the possibility of sex with your ex partner, pause awhile and really, really think about it once again.




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