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Sex Education in Schools

Updated at: Nov 06, 2014
Written by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Apr 24, 2012
Sex Education in Schools

Sex education in schools is of great importance as it exposes students to issues that are related to sex. It is important for the students to learn about sex through a trustworthy source.

Sex education in schools is of great importance as it exposes students to issues that are related to sex. It is important for teens to know about sex as that keeps them well-informed about sexual practices, sex, child sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy etc.

When should sex education be taught?

The expected avenues of seeking sex education may be parents or peer with the former being a better source because of the chances of getting wrong information from the latter. This trend has recently been introduced with sex education in schools. As per the World Health Organization, sex education in schools must be given to children aged 12 years and above because about 34% of HIV infected persons fall in the age group of 12-19 years.

Pros of Sex Education in Schools

  • Sex advice in schools can help children understand the implications of having sex without the right information. It dispels all the myths that are related to sex and makes the children expand their horizon when it comes to understanding sex.
  • Sex advice can help children have all their questions related to hormonal changes answered.
  • As children grow up, they get inquisitive about the opposite gender. Sex education, in such a juncture, can help them know the differences and keep their desires of knowing or exploring things on check.
  • Child abuse is widely prevalent across the world. Sex education can help children know when they are being sexually abused.
  • Imparting sex education in children is better than them finding information through other resources such as magazines, internet etc because these sources have a mountain of information that may be misleading.

Cons of Sex-Education in Schools

  • Ill-informed teachers may impart wrong information to the children, thereby destabilising their mental make-up when it comes to sex.
  • If not taught properly, sex education in schools may pose as a matter of ridicule for students making them uninterested and ignorant.
  • Sex-education in some schools is introduced as an extra-curricular activity, which does not quantify the importance of sex education, but diminishes it.
  • Most teachers given the task of taking sex education classes are themselves not experts in the subject and may therefore, give out wrong information. It is important that authorities appoint experts in the subject to give classes.
  • Sex education must not be taught with any adherence to religious ideologies as that will baffle the children than teach.




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