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7 Signs your sex life needs a makeover

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 15, 2016
7 Signs your sex life needs a makeover

Sex life whether you are married or unmarried is very important, it is a basic biological need, and it needs to be a good experience. Here are seven signs that will prove whether your sex life needs a makeover or not.

The word sex is often considered a taboo, but it is only hypocritical to shun it, the reason being that we are born out of it. Now, sex is not just a mean to produce new borns anymore, it has developed into a sort of recreation, that is to say, it is what people want and want it good.


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Every living being needs to have sex, it is what fulfills a couple, and it is what makes them one, body and soul. Your ‘sex life’, as they call it, could be on the verge of a collapse anytime, but, how would you know that it is deteriorating? What could be the signs? Everything may seem fine on the outside, but you could be feeling disgruntled deep inside. Here we have brought to you ten signs that would help you know that your sex life needs a makeover.


Sleep becomes priority

When you choose sleep over sex, then you need to be alarmed. It is only fair that you should get a good night’s sleep, but if you avoid sex in order to sleep, then sorry to say, but we sense trouble. A great many number of people often complain that their partners get tired and doze off. This means that something is wrong and your sex life is definitely going haywire.



Someone is faking orgasm

If you sense that your partner is faking an orgasm during sex or if you are faking it on purpose to please your partner, it is time to read a sex guide. This is unfortunately, common in most married couples and can also be found in unmarried relationships. Most people like to fake their sense of satisfaction during sex to keep their partner from losing interest in them. According to authours’ Jerrold Greenberg, Clint Bruess and Sarah Conklin book Exploring the Dimensions of Human Sexuality, “A woman may fake orgasm to meet her partner’s expectation, to geed her partner’s ego, to end the sexual encounter, to present herself as ‘normal,’ or to meet the ’goal’.”

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Sex is a routine

Sex is best when it comes as a surprise; when it just happens out of nowhere. Most people experience this at the beginning of their relationships. They are so much in love that they have sex almost any time of the day, and on a regular basis. With time and age this changes and sex becomes a routine to such an extent that it becomes a duty. This is really the worst possible thing that can happen to your sex life; that sex which is planned is no sex at all.



No foreplay

Sex is not just about sexual intercourse, it is about the build-up to it and the post sex cuddle. Foreplay is very important, it is like a starter, and a very important starter to the main dish. Imagine how it would be like to be served no appetizer in a posh restaurant. Would you even return to the same place the next time you want to dine outdoors?

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Sex is boring

When that whirl of his/her finger on the inside of your thighs does nothing to excite you, it is time you realise your sex life has taken a nose dive. It is when you have been used to the same old pattern of foreplay up to the climax that things start getting boring. Try and do something new and surprise your partner; make it a worthwhile experience.



When conversations stop

There is something extraordinarily romantic about having a conversation when in bed, and if the two of you are just dosing off to sleep without talking, then your status as a couple is at stake altogether. When this happens to show, you  must then realise that sex has become an unemotional experience for the two of you. When you don’t have a soulful conversation anymore, how much can you connect when making love with each other? There needs to be that spark in a couple, and you should begin to work on it right now if it showing signs of rusting.


Once in a blue moon

If you and your soul mate have sex when the proverbial blue moon shows, then change the schedule! For starters, you will have to know that there is no blue moon, and hence, there is really no sex. If sex happens thrice a year in your life, then you may as well stop counting it in.

Human beings are always expecting a quality life, one that defines them and makes them come to terms with themselves and their surroundings. While you may think that lack of sex may not be a deciding factor to contribute to this vision for a quality life, the facts speak otherwise. You will find depression as your best friend, and concentrating will definitely be an issue, all these and much more because sex is a biological need unlike what society may possibly have to tell.



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